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Sindhospital AdvisoryUnion denounces that hospitals do not receive resources from programs to serve the SUS

The approach of the end of the year intensified the state of alert among members of the Union of Health Services Establishments of the State of Alagoas (Sindhospital AL). The reason is the bill that does not close at the health units. The scenario is critical, as the segment fears that it will not be able to pay doctors, suppliers, health professionals’ payroll, including the 13th salary.

The sensitivity of the situation is due to the State Government’s delay in services provided by private and philanthropic hospitals to patients served by the Unified Health System (SUS) in the Mais Saúde and Promater programs.

The management of Sindhospital has invested in dialogue simultaneously with the sector and the government. However, there is no way to guarantee that there will be no interruption of service due to the situation. Therefore, it has been tirelessly raising awareness among representatives of the State Government with the aim of prioritizing and regularizing the sector’s payment agenda so that there are no losses in the provision of services to the population.

Delays vary from one hospital unit to another. The concern affects hospitals in the capital and the interior of the state. There are thousands of people from Alagoas who depend on these units to guarantee surgeries and other procedures to make health treatment viable.

It is important to highlight that SIndhospital is willing to participate in a meeting with the Government Secretariat (Segov), State Secretariat for Finance (Sefaz) and the State Secretariat for Health (Sesau) to, once again, deal with the regularization of transfers .

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