Ordinance establishes measures linked to the collection of active debt from the Union for residents of municipalities in a state of public calamity


The Attorney General’s Office of the National Treasury (PGFN), of the Ministry of Finance, published, in the Official Gazette of the Union on Monday (06/11), Ordinance No. 1,368, of November 3, 2023, which provides for measures related to acts of collection of the Union’s active debt, including suspension, extension and deferral, as a result of the state of public calamity in municipalities in the States of Paraná and Santa Catarina.

Extension – The regulation establishes, for example, in its article 2, that the due dates of the installments of the trading programs managed by PGFN are extended until the last business day of January 2024, for the installments that matured in October 2023, and of February 2024, for installments due in November 2023. However, the provisions of this article do not exclude the incidence of interest, as provided for in the law governing negotiation. Furthermore, the new deadline established for installments due in October 2023 is only valid for installments due as of the publication of the ordinance.

Suspension – Articles 3, 4 and 5 deal with the suspension, for 90 days, of items linked to different procedures.

Paraná – In Paraná, the provisions of the Ordinance apply exclusively to debtors with tax domicile in Clevelândia, General Carneiro, Mallet, Palmeira, Paulo Frontin, Rio Negro, Roncador, São João do Triunfo, São Mateus do Sul, União da Vitória, Pitanga, Porto Amazonas, Prudentópolis, Rebouças and Rio Azul.

Click here and check out Ordinance No. 1,368, from PGFN in full

PHOTOGRAPH: Augusto Lindner / IAT; Rio Negro City Hall

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