Sergipe signs agreement for integrated Public Security force

Sergipe signs agreement for integrated Public Security force
Sergipe signs agreement for integrated Public Security force
Cooperation agreement was signed with the Government of Sergipe (Photo: Arthur Soares)

The governor of Sergipe, Fábio Mitidieri, signed this Wednesday, 8th, the technical cooperation agreement for the state’s participation in the Integrated Force to Combat Organized Crime (Ficco). The action expresses the management’s stance of strengthening public security, in addition to reinforcing collaboration between the federative units and the Federal Government.

The agreement was signed in the presence of the regional superintendent of the Federal Police in Sergipe, delegate Aline Marchesini. Within the alignment, the PF represents the Ministry of Justice and Public Security. The Secretary of State for Public Security, João Eloy, and other representatives of the state’s security bodies were also present. On the occasion, the head of the state Executive highlighted the need for collaboration between different government entities in combating crime across the country.

“This is a moment of cooperation that shows that, in an orderly and coordinated way, we have a greater chance of success in the fight against organized crime. Sergipe is, today, a pacified state. Therefore, partnerships in public security must be encouraged, so that the population has an even greater sense of security. We need to make it clear that the fight against organized crime here is tireless, so that we strengthen the vision of our state as a peaceful and safe place”, highlighted Fábio Mitidieri.

Ficco is a Federal Government project aimed at integrating federal and state public security forces in all states of the Federation. The objective is to encourage the confrontation and dismantling of criminal organizations and associations, aiming to combat drug and weapons trafficking, theft, robbery and reception of cargo and valuables and the laundering and concealment of assets, among other criminal types.

“We express our gratitude to the Government of Sergipe for having adopted this directive from the Ministry of Justice, as the entire State team was helpful and supportive. Sergipe is recognized as a state that stands out in the national context in terms of public security. I believe that this will be a management milestone, and that both the state and the Federation have a lot to gain”, highlighted superintendent Aline Marchesini.

The Secretary of State for Public Security highlighted the importance of joint action between the institutions. “We always encourage the integration of public security forces. Even though, today, we have organized crime and factions in Sergipe under control, we always need the support and partnership of the Federal Police. We just have to thank and congratulate you for the initiative”, expressed João Eloy.


In April 2023, the State Secretariat for Public Security (SSP) met with the Federal Police (PF) to discuss the implementation of Ficco. The Force’s actions will have joint participation of the PF, Civil Police of the State of Sergipe, Military Police and Department of the Prison System of the State of Sergipe, administered by the State Secretariat for Justice and Consumer Protection (Sejuc). In July, a new meeting was held, with the presence of governor Fábio Mitidieri.

The Force was regulated by ordinance No. 15,503, of September 1, 2021. For its establishment, it is necessary to define standards and work plans in common understanding with the federal and state police.

The initially stipulated period for the agreement to be valid is five years, with the possibility of renewal. During the period, the bodies allocate human, material, logistical, technological resources, databases and institutional expertise to the composition of the task force, under a mutual collaboration regime.

Ficco brings together institutions such as the Civil Police, Military Police, Criminal Police, Federal Highway Police (PRF) and the National Secretariat for Penal Policies (Senappen), and is based on the National Public Security Plan. One of the plan’s actions is to establish strategies for strengthening the intelligence activity of public security and social defense institutions. The initiative takes place within the scope of the Unified Public Security System (Susp).

Present were the Special Secretary for Policies for Women, Danielle Garcia; the Secretary of State for Justice and Consumer Protection, Viviane Pessoa; the Government Secretary of State, Cristiano Barreto; the general commander of the PM, colonel Alexsandro Ribeiro; and the general delegate of the Civil Police, Thiago Leandro, as well as representatives of the Federal Police.

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