Duplicated section of BR-386 is released in Rio Grande do Sul.- Estradas


MORE SAFETY: Duplicated section of BR-386 released, in Marques de Souza (RS). Photo: Fabiano Panizzi/Disclosure

7 kilometer stretch goes from km 325 to 332, in Marques de Souza

This Wednesday (8), the first 7 kilometers of the new duplication of BR-386, between km 325 and 332, in Marques de Souza (RS) were released to traffic.. The release took place after the completion of complementary services requested by the National Land Transport Agency (ANTT) that enabled the early release of the flow of vehicles on the stretch.

In parallel, the Concessionaire remains committed to completing the entire length of this first stage of 20.3 kilometers, that is, the other 13.3 kilometers. However, there is still no forecast for the end of the actions in the segment, as the progress and schedule of the actions remains under constant evaluation by the Engineering teams.

According to figures from CCR ViaSul, around 12 thousand vehicles pass through the site every day and, from now on, they will be able to use the new dual carriageway, which has metal guards on both sides of the road, shoulder, and new horizontal and vertical signage.

In addition, other elements are also released for use such as three new accesses (km 325.8, km 326.8 and km 329.3), a new footbridge (km 325.8), a new return (km 330.5) and five other new bridges: km 326.1 (Várzea Marques de Souza I), km 329.7 (Sanga Picada Flor), km 330.2 (Várzea Marques de Souza II), km 331 (Várzea Marques de Souza III) and km 331.4 (Marques de Souza IV).

In total, around R$300 million has been invested in this first 20.3-kilometer stretch.

Duplicated section of BR-386 is released in Rio Grande do SulDuplicated section of BR-386 is released in Rio Grande do Sul
OAEs: In addition to the duplication, Special Works of Art were also released, such as: access, walkway, return and bridges. Photo: Fabiano Panizzi/Disclosure


In addition to doubling the 20.3 kilometers in the stretch, CCR ViaSul will build 13 kilometers of marginal roads, two at-grade returns, six access adjustments, four pedestrian walkways, six new bridges, six widenings of existing bridges, two underpasses and two superiors. Furthermore, new safety devices will be implemented, such as 50 kilometers of metal defenses, nine kilometers of barriers and 170 impact attenuating terminals, as well as lighting on pedestrian walkways, bus stops and marginal roads.

CCR ViaSul will duplicate more than 165 kilometers of BR-386 between Carazinho and Lajeado, benefiting 22 municipalities along the concession stretch. In total, on BR-386 in the section between Canoas (RS) and Carazinho (RS), 225.2 kilometers of highway will be duplicated, with 10.2 kilometers of construction of additional lanes and 75.5 kilometers of new marginal roads.

All this investment is part of the Federal Concession program in Rio Grande do Sul, with the National Land Transport Agency (ANTT) as the regulatory body.

Source: Ascom from CCR ViaSul

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