With low river levels, Acre has 8 monitoring points on high alert


Hydrometeorological monitoring data released by the Civil Defense of Acre and the State Secretariat for the Environment (Sema) point to 8 monitoring points at maximum alert level due to the dryness of the rivers this Wednesday (8).

According to the data, the main river of Assis Brasil, Brasiléia, Xapuri, Rio Branco and Sena Madureira, in addition to the monitoring points of Ramal Espalha (in the Seringal Belo Horizonte region), Riozinho do Rola, Capixaba (C. São José ), recorded levels below the alert and maximum alert quotas.

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Acre River Basin. Source: Hydrometeorological Report

The bulletin is released daily by Sema and Civil Defense of Acre and, this Wednesday, in addition to the points on high alert, the data showed that in Plácido de Castro, the river is on alert, already at the Seringal Santa Helena point, the The river is under observation and at Ponte da Liberdade, the river is under observation.

Tarauacá/Envira River Basin. Source: Hydrometeorological Report

Aid for fishermen

A provisional measure issued by President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva established Extraordinary Aid for artisanal fishermen, beneficiaries of Defeso Insurance, registered in municipalities in the North region in an emergency situation resulting from the drought recognized by the federal government. In Acre, the state’s 22 municipalities are within the emergency situation decree. The provisional measure was published in an extra edition of the Official Gazette of the Union last Wednesday (1). The Extraordinary Assistance consists of the payment of a single installment in the amount of R$2,640.

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Acre River in November. Photo: Juan Diaz/ContilNet

In Acre, the government declared an emergency situation due to the extreme drought a month ago. On October 16, the Federal Government, through the Ministry of Integration and Regional Development and the National Secretariat for Civil Protection and Defense, recognized the state decree.

See the Hydrometeorological Report of November 11th:

Hydrometeorological Report 2023 11 08 N179

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