these were the 7 hottest cities in Brazil this Wednesday

these were the 7 hottest cities in Brazil this Wednesday
these were the 7 hottest cities in Brazil this Wednesday

The National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet) issued an alert, this Wednesday (8/11), for the actions of new heat wave which will impact Brazil in the coming days. According to the prognosis, the main action of the phenomenon will be in the interior of Brazil.

+ Historic heat wave in Brazil will have temperatures above 40ºC; see where

The city of Porto Murtinho, in Mato Grosso do Sul, was the hottest city of the day with a maximum of 42.6°C. Corumbá, also in MS, and Jaguaribe, in Ceará, were also highlighted, with 41.2°C and 40.6°C, respectively.

The weather warning for yellow level, which means potential danger for the effects of the heat wavecovers areas of the Central-West and Southeast of Brazil and is valid until at least Friday (10/11).

Some municipalities, mainly in the states of Mato Grosso do Sul and Mato Grosso, will have maximum temperatures close to or above 42°C.

Until 3pm this Wednesday, some cities had already recorded temperatures above 40ºC and the tendency is for it to rise gradually.

Check out the highest temperatures of the day:

1) Porto Murtinho (MS): 42.6°C
two) Corumbá (MS): 41.2°C
3) Jaguaribe (CE): 40.6°C
4) Piauí Castle (PI): 40.6°C
5) Clear Water (MS): 40.5°C
6) Aquidauana (MS): 40.3°C
7) Cushion (MS): 40.2°C

The yellow heat wave warning is issued when the forecast indicates that temperatures are expected to be 5ºC above average for two to three consecutive periods.

However, if the situation persists from Saturday (11/11), the heat wave warning will be updated and may expand or even have its severity level changed. This is because the tendency is for the strong heat to continue until the middle of next week, but the area covered by the phenomenon begins to be restricted from Friday.

  • Stay hydrated to maintain body temperature;
  • Wear loose, light and light clothing;
  • Avoid walking on the street without protection;
  • Don’t forget sunscreen;
  • Look for air-conditioned places;
  • Do not leave children, babies or pets alone in the car.

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