After committing robbery, minor dies after feeling ill and falling from motorcycle

After committing robbery, minor dies after feeling ill and falling from motorcycle
After committing robbery, minor dies after feeling ill and falling from motorcycle

São Paulo – A 17-year-old juvenile offender died after falling ill and falling from a motorcycle, seconds after stealing another motorcycle with an accomplice, on Tuesday morning (7/11), in the north of the capital of São Paulo. The second suspect, who has not yet been identified or arrested, fled with the motorcycle of a 66-year-old man, the victim of the pair.

A monitoring camera (watch below) recorded the approach to the victim, which occurred at 9:56 am on Rua Antônio Palmieri, in Vila Medeiros. {{#values}}{{/values}}

The 17-year-old minor sits on the back of a motorcycle, which is paired with the victim’s Honda CB 650, valued at R$51,000. The images show that the teenager helps to search the elderly man and rip off his helmet. During the approach, the minor allegedly asked the victim if she was a police officer.

The elderly man, according to the images, is clearly scared and, after disembarking his motorcycle, runs away from the bandits. The assault lasts just over 20 seconds.

The minor’s accomplice boards the victim’s motorcycle, speeds up and manages to escape. The teenager, riding the motorcycle that was already with the pair, travels about two meters, loses control and falls off the motorcycle, ending up on the side of the road.

Military police were called, as well as medical assistance for the teenager. He died at the scene, as confirmed by a paramedic. Next to the minor’s body, the police located a toy gun used in the robbery.

The motorcycle occupied by the suspects belongs to the teenager’s grandfather, who found out about the crime shortly after his grandson’s death. The cause is still being investigated by the police, who are awaiting a report from the Legal Medical Institute.


Duo approaches victim in the north of SP
Thieves get on motorbikes and prepare to flee
17-year-old teenager uses his grandfather’s motorbike in crime
He becomes ill and loses control of the vehicle.
The death of a teenager was confirmed at the scene by a paramedic


Most popular motorcycles in SP

O Metropolises showed, at the beginning of this month, that the large neighborhoods in the south zone lead the ranking of motorcycle theft in the capital of São Paulo.

Official data also shows that 4 out of every 10 crimes of this nature happened during the weekend (38%) and that the night period, between 6pm and 11:59pm, is preferred by thieves to carry out attacks.

To profile motorcycle thefts, the Metropolises used as a basis transparency data from the Public Security Secretariat (SSP), between March and September, with 2,066 police reports.

The numbers show that the neighborhoods Campo Limpo (37th DP), with 113, and Capão Redondo (47th DP), with 91 cases, were the places with the most records of motorcycle thefts in the city of São Paulo in the seven months analyzed.

Most visited streets

Major roads in the south zone form the top five in the ranking of robberies, starting with Avenida Nações Unidas (Marginal Pinheiros) and Estrada de Itapecerica, both with 21 cases. Next, Avenida Interlagos and Estrada do Campo Limpo appear, with 19 each, and Estrada do Alvarenga (16).

Among the 10 models most targeted in robberies, four are variations of the Honda CG 160 (Fan, Titan, Start and Cargo), a very common motorcycle and widely used by app delivery people in the city. They account for 18% of motorcycles stolen in São Paulo (371).

Powerful motorcycles are also targeted by thieves. Among them, the CB 500F model appears, with 500 cylinders and a cost starting at R$40,000, with 16 cases registered in the period.

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