PL Tocantins deputies propose actions in favor of the population of Tocantins

PL Tocantins deputies propose actions in favor of the population of Tocantins
PL Tocantins deputies propose actions in favor of the population of Tocantins


PL Tocantins parliamentarians in the Tocantins Legislative Assembly (Aleto) have acted firmly in favor of Tocantins citizens. At the beginning of November, deputies Marcus Marcelo, Janad Valcari, Gipão and Fabion Gomes presented important actions that demonstrate the party’s commitment to defending the population’s rights and the development of municipalities.

Water tariff reduction

Representative Marcus Marcelo, author of two requests, reinforced with the Tocantins municipalities served by BRK the invitation to participate in the public hearing on the price of water tariffs in Tocantins, which will be held on November 23rd, at 9 am, at Aleto plenary. The objective is to give the population a voice so that they can speak out on the issue and contribute to defining a fair price for the service.

“It is important that mayors, councilors, supervisory bodies and Tocantins consumers participate, whether in person or online, so that together we can discuss the high value of the water bill in Tocantins, which has the highest tariff charged per cubic meter of water in the state. Northern region of Brazil. This fight is ours! I’m counting on you”, invited the deputy.

ICMS exemption for electric cars

Representative Janad Valcari presented a request that aims to benefit taxi drivers and app drivers in Tocantins with an exemption from ICMS on electric vehicles purchased by these professionals.

According to the proposal, the measure could encourage the adoption of cleaner technologies, while at the same time alleviating part of the financial burden they face in acquiring vehicles suitable for their activities. “These vehicles stand out as a more sustainable option compared to vehicles powered by fossil fuels, contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality in urban areas”, explained the deputy.

50% discount on CNH renewal fee

Deputy Gipão presented a Bill (PL) in Aleto that proposes a 50% reduction in the renewal fee for the National Driving License (CNH) for people with monocular vision residing in Tocantins, upon presentation of a medical report, issued by competent professional.

The parliamentarian justified that the federal government increased the validity of the driver’s license to 10 years for drivers under the age of 50 and that during this period of time, drivers with monocular vision, according to the law, are obliged to renew the document three times, paying the same fee as other drivers. “Our proposal aims to minimize the difficulties faced by this part of the population, promoting social inclusion and equal rights, guaranteeing those with monocular vision fair and dignified treatment”, defended the deputy.

Amendment for Esperantina

Representative Fabion Gomes, committed to valuing the cultural and religious traditions of Tocantins, announced the payment of an amendment worth R$50,000 to hold the festivities in celebration of Evangelical Day in Esperantina. The event, which will take place in a public square, is scheduled for November 30th, and will feature singer Suellen Lima as a national attraction.

“I always value the importance of these events that promote values ​​and the union of all who believe in God. Faith and music have the power to unite hearts and strengthen bonds, and I am sure that this event will be an unforgettable celebration”, highlighted the deputy.

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