Gleisi Hoffmann stands out among the worst federal deputies for PR

Gleisi Hoffmann stands out among the worst federal deputies for PR
Gleisi Hoffmann stands out among the worst federal deputies for PR

Among the deputies from Paraná, the president of the PT, Gleisi Hoffmann, only managed to stay ahead of Luiz Carlos Hauly (Podemos-PR), who took over the position in June, after the impeachment of Deltan Dallagnol (Novo-PR).| Photo: Zeca Ribeiro/Chamber of Deputies

Very active on social media, especially to defend the President of the Republic, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), federal deputy Gleisi Hoffmann (PT-PR) has not shown the same commitment in the workplace. At least, that’s what the Brazil Legislation Indexwhich monitors the performance of elected deputies based on the relevance of the projects presented, participation in committees, alignment with the party’s agenda and oversight actions by the Executive Branch.

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Among the deputies from Paraná, with regard to the score on legislative production, Gleisi, with a score of 1.4, was no worse than Luiz Carlos Hauly (We can), with a score of 0.6. The detail is that he only took up the position in June, due to the dismissal of Deltan Dallagnol (New). Closing the list with a negative evaluation in this regard are deputies Aliel Machado (PV), grade 2; Toninho Wandscheer (PP), 1.8 and Reinhold Stephanes Junior, with a score of 1.5.

In the first year of the current legislature, the average rating of the 513 parliamentarians was 3.6 on a scale of 0 to 10.

Stephanes Junior does not agree with the methodology chosen by Legisla Brasil and believes that the result does not represent what parliamentarians actually produce. “The methodology used is simply ridiculous. It does not portray reality and apparently this index is useless.”

Gleisi monitors little and obeys the government

Gleisi Hoffmann collected some below average scores. What caught the most attention is linked to legislative production. The item encompasses the projects created, protagonism, relevance of authorship, separate votes and even presence in plenary. Even though these are issues considered basic by the index, the PT deputy was more than 4 points below the national average.

In addition to low production, the president of the PT received a score of 1.0 with regard to monitoring the actions of the federal government. The parliamentarian’s highest score was precisely in relation to party alignment, an item in which she received the highest score.

When the subject was mobilization, such as proposing requests for public hearings or authoring projects with special status, Gleisi received a score of 4.0. Wanted by the news report People’s Gazette, the parliamentarian did not respond about the evaluation in the index until the publication of this text. The average for parliamentarians from Paraná was 6.7.

Among the best, a representative from Paraná

At the top of the table, Paraná left its mark with deputy Diego Garcia (Republicans), who appears seventh on the list and the only one in the state who received 5 stars from the index. Garcia believes that analyzes in this sense are “of utmost importance to evaluate the performance of parliamentarians”.

“I am very happy to be among the 10 best federal deputies in the country. This is the result of intense work in committees, as well as constant monitoring by the Executive Branch. Legisla Brasil’s initiative guarantees transparency to the population of how our work works” , he stated.

Another point highlighted by Garcia is the possibility for society to understand how parliamentarians work individually. The fact that the index evaluates performances separately from the party says much more about personal convictions, according to him. The parliamentarian also regretted the mistaken idea that, according to him, part of the press refutes the parliamentarians.

“Sometimes, the congressman becomes very tied to the party, even without agreeing with what is being approved. Legisla Brasil brings these numbers of how many times the congressman acted on his own, which, for me, becomes one of the most important points of the analysis. This also serves to show that there are politicians who honor their positions and can be protagonists of good news in the press”, he added.

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