New Icoaraci well enters pre-operation and supply begins to be released to residents


Tests showed the quality of the water and the Pará Sanitation Company began supplying the Cohab complex this Wednesday (8)

By Flávia Araújo (COSANPA)

11/08/2023 12:32 pm

This Wednesday (8), the Pará Sanitation Company began pre-operation of the new Icoaraci well, located in the Cohab complex. After tests that showed that the water complies with the potability limits established by legislation, the liquid has already been released into the supply distribution network for residents. According to Cosanpa’s sanitary engineer, Marcus Vinícius, at first, the liquid will reach the taps with traces of the network still present.

“It will still arrive with color and turbidity, which are residues that were present in the distribution network and as soon as the tap is opened and this dirt is purged, it will begin to lighten and improve the water pressure.

After drilling and electromechanical and hydraulic installations, the well now goes through the testing period. Cosanpa’s sanitary engineer, Marcus Vinícius, explains the importance of this pre-operation phase of the well. Even though the water is already being released for supply, it is necessary to make some operational adjustments that can also be identified during the operation of the new structure.

422b82f31c.jpg“We prefer to go into pre-operation right away, to provide an answer to the population. We will carry out these assessments during this pre-operation period, checking which points could possibly cause water leaks, checking the flow of water within the set. We will also make adjustments to the distribution network with interconnections to further improve water supply to the population. From then on, there may be occasional stops that will not be prolonged for the necessary adjustments.”

209b9a790c.jpgStructure: The 250-meter deep well has the capacity to exploit water up to 180m³, double what was previously available. More than 13 thousand people in the Cohab complex and Campina and Agulha neighborhoods will be served with the investment.

In the construction of the well, hose technology was used instead of the cast iron column, this optimizes the time for any emergency maintenance. The practicality of this “hose” provides less time for resuming operations.

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