Governor delivers duplication works on the Western Contour of Cascavel

Governor delivers duplication works on the Western Contour of Cascavel
Governor delivers duplication works on the Western Contour of Cascavel

Governor Carlos Massa Ratinho Junior delivered this Wednesday (8) the duplication works of the Western Contour of Cascavel, in the Western region of Paraná. The project, the result of an investment of R$129.6 million, is the result of a partnership between the State Government, the federal government and Itaipu Binacional.

The contour makes the connection between BR-277 and BR-163 more agile, in addition to creating a safer and more agile connection for drivers accessing Avenida Brasil via the region’s highways. In total, according to the project, more than 500,000 residents of Cascavel will benefit daily from the duplication of the stretch.

“This West Contour of Cascavel was a necessity for the city. Traffic in the region has already had many problems, including some accidents that occurred due to the high flow of trucks, but now it has been doubled, with the runway made of concrete, providing safety and durability to the roads”, stated the governor.

“The work also includes Avenida Brasil, which is a very important avenue for the city, it functions as an axis of growth for the municipality and therefore it is very important to deliver this work to the people of Cascavel”, highlighted Ratinho Junior.

In the partnership that made the duplication possible, the executive project was prepared by the federal government, the resources were made available by Itaipu Binacional and the State Government, through the Department of Highways of Paraná (DER/PR), carried out the work. In addition to the investments in the work itself, the total value includes the expropriations made for the construction of the new runways.

IN PRACTICE – The work on the bypass included 14.28 kilometers of construction of lanes parallel to the old bypass and a new access road of 4.79 kilometers between the bypass and the city center, through Avenida Brasil and Avenida das Torres, totaling more than 19 kilometers of works delivered.

The duplicated section begins approximately 500 meters from the viaduct at the junction with BR-277 and continues until the viaduct at the junction with BR-467.

The new BR-163 runway was built on rigid concrete pavement, separated from the existing runway by a 10-meter median. The highway now has two lanes of 3.6 meters each, in addition to an external shoulder of 2.5 meters and an internal shoulder of 1 meter.

A viaduct was also built where the stretch of Avenida Brasil meets the contour, a roundabout, a second bridge over the Rio das Antas and a “Y” connection to access the center of Cascavel.

The delivered project also contains new lighting in the section, drainage devices, horizontal and vertical signage, curbs, sidewalks, concrete barriers and environmental improvements.

INVESTMENTS IN THE WEST – The Cascavel West Contour adds to a series of investments made in the region, such as the completion of the Cataratas Interchange, with the construction of viaducts and new roads in the city. “Another transport junction that was problematic and that we resolved with a large project, which is already serving the population”, stated Ratinho Junior.

Mayor Leonaldo Paranhos highlighted the attention that the State Government has dedicated to the municipality and the entire Western region of Paraná, with infrastructure projects that have been delivered or are in the final phase of execution, such as the duplication of BR-277 in access to the Rural Show.

“Not long ago we didn’t have an airport, we didn’t have Trevo Cataratas, we didn’t have the duplication until the Rural Show. Now we have. It is an important moment that Paraná and Cascavel are experiencing, which we have to take advantage of and celebrate a lot”, said Paranhos.

Itaipu’s Coordination Director, Carlos Carboni, recalled other projects carried out through partnerships between the hydroelectric plant and the state government, such as the new Brazil-Paraguay Integration Bridge and the East Perimeter Highway of Foz do Iguaçu. “We will have other good and great partnerships ahead. All this, because we have good projects to get off the ground,” he stated.

ROAD STATION – At the delivery event for the duplication of Contorno Oeste, the project to revitalize the Cascavel Bus Station was also announced. “The project is ready and now we are going to allocate resources of around R$21 million to carry out a major transformation at the bus station, benefiting Cascavel and municipalities in the region”, stated the governor.

According to the municipal administration, which will carry out the work, the tender should be carried out by the end of 2023.

ATTENDANCE – The following authorities were present at the delivery of the work: the state secretaries of Infrastructure and Logistics, Sandro Alex; Tourism, Márcio Nunes; and Industry, Commerce and Services, Ricardo Barros; the CEO of IAT, Everton Souza; general director of DER-PR, Fernando Furiatti; the CEO of Ferroeste, André Gonçalves; federal deputy Dilceu Sperafico; state deputies Gugu Bueno, Marcel Micheletto, Batatinha, Márcio Pacheco and Luís Corti; and other authorities in the region.

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