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The weekly bulletin on the drought situation in Acre, released by the State Secretariat for the Environment this Wednesday, 8th, shows that the main rivers in Acre still present, for the most part, a reduction dynamic resulting from the prolonged drought.

In Assis Brasil and Brasiléia, throughout the week, the Acre River showed a dynamic reduction from November 2nd.

Assis Brasil recorded a level of 3.53 m on 02/11 and, at this Wednesday’s level, the 8th, it reached 2.85 m – a reduction of 0.68 cm. Brasiléia recorded a level of 1.28 m on 02/11 and 1.03 m this Wednesday, 8th – a reduction of 0.25 cm.

The Riozinho do Rola, a tributary of the Acre River, showed a dynamic reduction throughout the week, registering a level of 1.01 m (02/11) and at this Wednesday’s level, 8, marking 0.81 m – a reduction of 0.10 cm.

The Iaco River showed a dynamic increase in Sena Madureira, with a level of 0.71 m (02/11) and at this Wednesday’s level, 8, it registered 1.07 m – an increase of 0.36 cm.

The Juruá River, in Cruzeiro do Sul, showed an elevation dynamic. It registered a level of 3.73 m (02/11) and at this Wednesday’s level, 8, it registered 5.67 m, an increase of 1.94 m.

The Envira River, in Feijó, showed a decline throughout the week. It registered a level of 4.01 m (02/11) and at this Wednesday’s level, 8, it registered 3.88 m, a reduction of 0.13 cm.

Hot spots

In the period from January 1st to November 7th, 2022, the number of hot spots in Acre was 11,636, whereas in 2023, in the same period, it was 6,487, showing a reduction of 44%, according to the bulletin .

In the period from November 1st to 7th, 2022, the number of hot spots in Acre was 728, whereas in 2023, in the same period, it was 89, showing a reduction of 88%.

Total number of fires fought

Between November 1st and 8th, the Fire Department fought 54 fires, 42 of which were in the capital and 12 in the interior of the state.


The Acre Health Department (Sesacre) reported data from epidemiological week 44/2023 regarding acute diarrheal disease, with a total of 95 occurrences, 453 visits for flu-like syndrome and 32 visits for severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS).

Air quality

The data on air quality in the state is older, corresponding to the period from October 29th to November 4th, when it was mapped that only Acrelândia recorded a weekly average above 15 μg/m³, with moderate air quality. The other municipalities in the state had good air quality (from 0 to 12μg/m³).

The daily average concentration of particulate matter with the indicators recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) for concentration in the atmosphere is that it does not exceed 15 μg/m³.

Emergency situation

On October 16th, the federal government recognized, in a decree published in the Official Gazette of the Union (DOU), the emergency situation in all 22 municipalities in Acre due to the drought. Previously, a state decree published on October 6 already declared an emergency situation due to the imminent possibility of shortages in the state’s water system.

On November 1st, the federal government, through the Ministry of Integration and Regional Development, authorized the commitment and transfer of resources to Acre, in the amount of R$8.2 million, for the execution of actions that promote assistance to families most impacted by the prolonged drought in the state.

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