Most of the temporary hires in Rio’s commerce will be in November

Most of the temporary hires in Rio’s commerce will be in November
Most of the temporary hires in Rio’s commerce will be in November

Rio de Janeiro, 11/08/2023

By GBNEWS Editorial

A survey carried out by the Instituto Fecomércio de Pesquisas e Análises (IFec RJ), with 427 businesspeople from the metropolitan region of Rio, between the 2nd and 5th of October, revealed that 35.5% of those interviewed will hire temporary employees for the end of year festivities. and high season.

The majority of temporary hires (53.5%) will be in this month of November. In December, 29.8% of entrepreneurs intend to hire additional workers. Temporary hiring in September and October totaled 20.2%. 4.6% of businesspeople interviewed said they still don’t know if they will hire.

The survey also wanted to know by what month the establishments intend to have all or part of the temporary employees on their staff. 51% said until January and 28.7% until December this year.

62.9% of those interviewed stated that there is the possibility of hiring at least one of these temporary workers and that the type of hiring, 71.9%, would be through staff increase.

According to the IFec RJ survey, 65% of entrepreneurs said they will not hire temporary workers because the number of employees in their establishments is already sufficient.

About Fecomércio RJ

It brings together 59 employer unions, business leaders, experts and consultants with the aim of promoting business development in the trade of goods, services and tourism sector in the state of Rio de Janeiro. It develops solutions, research and provides content on issues that impact the lives of entrepreneurs and collaborate in the decisions of public managers. It represents more than 330 thousand establishments, which account for 2/3 of the state’s economic activity and 68% of establishments, generating more than 1.6 million formal jobs, which are equivalent to 60% of jobs in the state. Through the Social Service of Commerce (Sesc RJ), it operates in social assistance, culture, education, leisure and health for traders and the needy population, while the National Commercial Learning Service (Senac RJ) promotes professional education aimed at the sector.

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