there are 2,900 vacancies! Check the distribution

there are 2,900 vacancies! Check the distribution
there are 2,900 vacancies! Check the distribution

The new notice of the Minas Gerais Military Police public competition (PM MG) offering 2,901 immediate vacancies to the upper level.

The opportunities are for the position of Soldier (male and female), distributed among different locations. The starting salary is R$ 4,360.83.

Check the distribution of vacancies for the PM MG competition

Region Male vacancies Female vacancies
1st, 2nd and 3rd RPM – Belo Horizonte 910 101
4th RPM – Juiz de Fora and Ubá 242 27
5th RPM – Uberaba 113 13
6th RPM – Lavras 77 09
7th RPM – Divinópolis and Bom Despacho 227 25
8th RPM – Governador Valadares 27 03
9th RPM – Uberlândia 132 15
10th RPM – Patos de Minas 38 04
11th RPM – Montes Claros 22 03
12th RPM – Ipatinga and Manhuaçu 256 29
14th RPM – Curvelo 68 08
15th RPM – Teófilo Otoni 112 13
17th RPM – Joyful and Extreme Landing 187 21
18th RPM – Poços de Caldas 157 18
19th RPM – Sete Lagoas 40 04

Are you interested and want to participate?

Registration for the MG Military Police competition can be made from January 8th to February 6th, 2024. The process will be accepted on the institution’s own website, at a cost of R$101.00.

To check all the information about the vacancies, positions and stages of the PM MG competition, access our full article:

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