Coming back from the holiday there are very busy roads upon arrival in Curitiba. Monitor the status of highways


Sunday, November 5th, was busy on the state’s roads. Arteris Litoral Sul, which had a special service operation on highways BR-116/PR (Contorno Leste), BR-376/PR and BR-101/SC, predicted movement 37% higher compared to regular days. During the five days of the holiday, the estimate was that 1,145,585 vehicles traveled on the highway.

The dealership recommends that drivers pay attention, especially on uphill and downhill sections – and to respect the safe distance between vehicles.

Check out the highlighted sections for greater attention to the driver – for safe travel:

BR 101/SC – The large concentration of traffic in the vicinity of municipalities – urban sections – can cause a sudden decrease in speed, requiring drivers to maintain a safe distance to prevent accidents.

Section of Serra do Mar (BR-376) – Traffic operates with signage for restrictions. The concessionaire is continuing work in the region from km 668 to km 669 and has enabled the operation of three lanes towards the North and two lanes towards the South. It is worth noting that the concessionaire continues to monitor the area to ensure the safety of highway users.

Firefly in Serra do Mar (BR-376) – In addition to the works, Arteris Litoral Sul has had a traffic light system since 2021 that warns of interrupted traffic ahead. There are eleven traffic lights installed on highway monitoring posts, from km 659 in Tijucas do Sul to km 669 in Guaratuba. Traffic lights are activated remotely in the event of a road blockage, whether due to an accident or any other reason. The project was named Pirilampo, in reference to the insect similar to the firefly due to its flashing light.

The device is activated by the Operational Control and Safety Center in São José dos Pinhais/PR, through an intelligent transport system interconnected by fiber optics along the entire stretch. Whenever operators notice stopped traffic, traffic lights are activated to alert users.

State roads

The Department of Highways of Paraná (DER/PR) informs users of the current conditions of blocking state highways due to the heavy rains hitting the State. The sections have emergency signs and drivers are advised to take extra care.


PR-540 in Entre Rios, district of Guarapuava – Blockage from km 0 to km 6, due to the rupture of a metallic tubular culvert, which compromised the pavement. Section is already under construction.

PR-836 and PRC-280 in União da Vitória – The two highways with flooded lanes due to the flood of the Iguaçu River, at km 0.

PR-433 in Lapa – Total blockage at km 26 due to flooding of the track. Section is unpaved.

PR-092 in Rio Branco do Sul – total blockage due to the appearance of cracks in the pavement at km 48. DER/PR is studying solutions to recover the section and short-term improvements to restore trafficability.

PR-459 in Cleveland – Overflow of the Chopim River caused flooding at km 145+500, blocking vehicle traffic towards Mangueirinha. This section of the highway is unpaved.

PR-239 in Pitanga – Total blocking of km 349+650 to km 351 due to the risk of the embankment falling onto the track. Due to the severity of the damage observed, with the appearance of several large cracks that even damaged the drainage system on site, it will be necessary to maintain the closure while the total recovery of the mass is provided.

PR-592 between Nova Prata do Iguaçu and the Salto Caxias Plant – Blocked by flooding reaching both lanes.

PR-281 between Santo do Lontra and Santa Izabel do Oeste – Blocked by flooding reaching both lanes.

PR-170 in Pinhão – Cracks in the pavement at km 468, between Faxinal do Céu and the Governador Bento Munhoz da Rocha Netto Hydroelectric Plant. Total blockade between Faxinal and the plant, and between Bituruna and the plant.

PR-151 between São Mateus do Sul and the border with Santa Catarina (new) – Due to conditions in the municipality of Três Barras (SC), the bridge over the Rio Negro is once again completely blocked by traffic.


Estrada da Graciosa (PR-410) in Morretes – Preventive blocking of the highway only at night, during this rainy period. The highway is assessed for release the following day, at 7 am. When released, traffic will be carried out with stop-and-go operation from km 11 to km 12, a stretch in which recovery works still occupy one of the lanes.

PR-170 in Guarapuava – Partial blockage of a lane at km 389, due to landslides on an embankment slope, with traffic flowing normally on the remaining two lanes. Section is under construction.

PR-170 in Bituruna – Traffic with closure on one lane at km 473 due to the appearance of cracks in the pavement, close to the Governador Bento Munhoz da Rocha Netto Hydroelectric Plant. Works in progress to improve drainage and subsequently restore the track.

PR-364 between Irati and São Mateus do Sul – Partial blockage due to a landslide that affected more than half of the track in one segment. The section is currently undergoing paving work. The company responsible for the services has already been called in to work on releasing the runway as quickly as possible.

PR- 483 in Guaragi, district of Ponta Grossa – Partial blockage of the track due to flooding, caused by the flood of the Guaraúna River

PR-090 in Campo Largo – Estrada do Cerne is in half lane after a crack appeared in the roadbed, at km 48, approximately one kilometer from the bridge over the Açungui River. In addition to monitoring this damage, DER/PR carries out material removal services and track improvements at all barrier collapse points that are emerging, freeing up traffic within a few hours.

PR-484 between Três Barras do Paraná and Boa Vista da Aparecida – Half-lane stretch due to barrier collapse, traffic must be completely released after removing the material and cleaning the pavement.

PR-493 between Dois Vizinhos and Verê – Half-lane stretch due to barrier collapse, traffic must be completely released after removing the material and cleaning the pavement.

PR-180 between Juvinópolis and Boa Vista da Aparecida – Half-lane stretch due to barrier collapse, traffic must be completely released after removing the material and cleaning the pavement.

PRC-466 in União da Vitória (new) – Section has stop-and-go operation from 7am to 8pm, with total blockage only at night, due to the risk of rocks sliding onto the pavement.

Sections with total or partial closures have emergency signs provided by DER/PR, and it is extremely important that drivers obey these guidelines, also following extra caution in these locations.

Check the location of the locks mentioned above on this map.

The article is in Portuguese

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