Alert of blockages on RS State Highways due to erosion and structural damage


RS Road Command publishes list of closures on important roads in the state due to erosion and bridge collapses. Check affected highways and alternative routes.

The Road Command of the Military Brigade of Rio Grande do Sul issued an alert on this date about a series of blockages, both total and partial, affecting several state highways. The population and travelers should be aware of closed sections and look for alternative routes.

Total Blockages due to Structural Damage:

  • ERS 324, KM 52 (Gramado dos Loureiros): The highway is completely blocked due to the track being damaged by erosion.
  • VRS 817, KM 10 (Foamy): Severe erosion of the runway resulted in the road being completely blocked.
  • ERS 130, KM 42 (Cruzeiro do Sul): Bridge head collapse causes complete closure of the section.
  • VRS 851, KM 09 (Nova Bassano/Serafina Corrêa): The displaced Carreiro River Bridge impedes traffic in the area.
  • ERS 448, KM 23 (Nova Roma do Sul): A metal bridge fell, causing the road to be completely blocked.
  • ERS 431, KM 20 and 22 (São Valentim do Sul): Two bridges gave way, causing total closures in the respective kilometers.

Partial Blockages due to Erosions:

  • ERS 431, KM 26 (São Valentim do Sul): There was a partial blockage of the road, with the track giving way due to erosion.
  • ERS 130, KM 37 (Venâncio Aires): Road erosion results in partial blockage, requiring extra attention from drivers.
  • RSC 287, KM 06 (Montenegro): The track gave way due to erosion, creating a partial blockage of the highway.

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