Manaus Report – CIF: Ten establishments are fined during weekend inspections


Locations did not meet operating standards, according to the agencies

Inspection bodies coordinated by the Amazonas Public Security Secretariat (SSP-AM) triggered, this weekend, two actions by the Integrated Inspection Center (CIF) in Manaus. During the actions, carried out on Friday (03/11) and Saturday (04/11), ten establishments were fined and/or notified for not complying with operating standards.

CIF agents inspected 15 establishments in different areas of Manaus, in two days. Among the main irregularities found are the lack of authorization to use amplified sound equipment and the lack of an Inspection Report license (AVCB), a document issued by the Amazonas Military Fire Department (CBMAM).

In a bar located in the Jorge Teixeira II neighborhood, in the east zone, CBMAM imposed a fine for non-compliance with a notification from the agency in August 2023. During the inspection, the Children and Youth Infractional Court (JIJI) issued an infraction notice after catching minors consuming alcoholic beverages in the establishment.

Agents from the Municipal Department of Environment and Sustainability (Semmas) and Visa Manaus also found irregularities at the site. An amplified sound device was seized due to lack of an environmental license and an infraction notice was drawn up due to the lack of a health license.

In the Nova Cidade neighborhood, Implurb agents notified an establishment, located on Rua Hélio Leão, for non-compliance with the license issued by the agency. At the location, Semmas identified the absence of a license to use an amplified sound device. And CBMAM issued a notice because the bar does not have an Inspection Report (AVCB).

Three other establishments were the target of CIF inspection actions. In two of them, Visa Manaus agents identified the absence of a health license. All were charged with irregularities.

In one of the locations, in the Coroado 3 neighborhood, Semmas found non-compliance with an infraction notice issued on July 30, 2023. A nightclub located in Compensa also had to be fined for not having an inspection report (AVCB), which is issued by CBMAM.


Servants from the Amazonas Public Security Secretariat (SSP-AM) participated in the CIF; Military (PMAM) and Civil Police (PC-AM); Military Fire Department (CBMAM); Guardianship Council; Doctor Rosemary Costa Pinto Health Surveillance Foundation (FVS-RCP); Secretariat of Justice, Human Rights and Citizenship (Sejusc); State Department of Transit of Amazonas (Detran-AM); Municipal Secretariat for the Environment and Sustainability (Semmas); Amazonas Energia; Children and Youth Infractional Court (JIJI); Municipal Institute of Urban Planning (Implurb); Municipal Institute of Urban Mobility (IMMU); Municipal Public Security Secretariat (Semseg).

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