Catarinense Escolar Football finals will be at CT Antenor Angeloni | TN South

Catarinense Escolar Football finals will be at CT Antenor Angeloni | TN South
Catarinense Escolar Football finals will be at CT Antenor Angeloni | TN South

The finals of the state stage of the Santa Catarina School Football Championship (CCEF), for ages 11 to 14, are scheduled for this Monday (6), at the Antenor Angeloni Training Center, in the Cristo Redentor neighborhood. In the women’s suit, the match takes place at 9 am. In the men’s suit, the dispute takes place at 10:30 am. The matches can be watched by residents, free of charge. The competition began last Thursday (2), after the opening ceremony held at the Ginásio Municipal de Esportes Irmão Walmir Antônio Orsi, which was attended by authorities, teachers, managers and athletes.

“It is a very special moment for Criciúma. Welcoming everyone to the city is rewarding and encouraging. We wish the teams great games, and invite residents to discover the potential of our municipality. Don’t forget to visit the parks and tourist attractions, they are all charming. Criciúma is yours”, mentioned the president of FME of Criciúma, Martinho Mrotskoski Neto, during a speech at the opening ceremony of the competition.

The games continue this weekend, on four football fields in Criciúma: Satc, 9th Military Police Battalion (BPM), Metropol and Próspera. The CCEF is carried out by the Government of the State of Santa Catarina, through the Fundação Catarinense de Esporte (Fesporte), and organized by the Government of Criciúma, through FME. This year, 16 teams in the men’s suit and 16 in the women’s suit participate. Criciúma is represented by Colégio Unesc in the female category and by Colégio Satc in the male category.

Check out the CCEF schedule for this Saturday (4):


Location: Eng.º Stadium. Mário Balsini (Esporte Clube Próspera)

9am – EEB Maura Senna (Pinheiro Preto) x CPM Feliciano Pires (Laguna)

10:15 am – EEB João dos Santos Areão (Santa Rosa do Sul) x EBM Almirante Barroso (Pomerode)

3pm – EEB Rudolfo Luzinna (Nova Erechim) x EM Alberto Bordin (Jaborá)

4:15 pm – EM Rodolfo Dornbusch (Jaraguá do Sul) x Colégio Unesc (Criciúma)

Location: 9th Military Police Battalion (BPM)

9am – Colégio Dom Bosco (Rio do Sul) x EEB Jurema Savi Milanez (Quilombo)

10:15 am – CEM Prof. Maria de Lurdes/CAIC (Navegantes x EMEF Father Mathias Maria Stein (Guaramirim)

3pm – EEB Luiz Davet (Major Vieira) x EEB Padre Antônio Vieira (Anita Garibaldi)

4:15 pm – CEMEG (São José do Cedro) x EEB São Luiz (União do Oeste)


Location: João Estevão de Souza Stadium (Esporte Clube Metropol)

9am – GEM Horizonte (Zortéa) x EEB São Miguel (São Miguel do Oeste)

10:15 am – Colégio Evangélico Jaraguá (Jaraguá do Sul) x EBM Valentim Bernardi (Itá)

3:00 pm – Colégio Incentivo (Biguaçu) x Colégio Recriarte (Camboriú)

4:15 pm – EEB Monsenhor F. Giesbert (Armazém) x Colégio Dehon (Tubarão)

Location: Satc

9am – EEB Deodoro (Concórdia) x EEB Rodrigues Alves (Saudades)

10:15 am – EEB Alinor Vieira Côrte (Papanduva) x EEB Aleixo Dellagiustina (Ituporanga)

3pm – Colégio Santa Rosa de Lima (Lages) x Colégio Salesiano (Itajaí)

4:15 pm – EEB Raul Pompéia (Campo Erê) x Colégio SATC (Criciúma)

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