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The Military Police of the Federal District (PMDF) celebrates the eight-year anniversary of one of its most notable initiatives: the Preventing with Art Project. This remarkable initiative aims to promote social inclusion and prevent violence, using art and sport as key tools to transform lives. In partnership with the State Department of Education of the Federal District (SEEDF) and the State Department of Sports, Leisure and Youth (SELJ), the project has significantly impacted the Federal District community.

Offering free classes in a wide range of sports and artistic disciplines, the Prevenindo com Arte Project stands out for its scope and diversity. From capoeira, dance, music, theater, martial arts to judo, football, volleyball, basketball and functional, classes are taught by PMDF instructors, SEEDF professionals and community volunteers.

The focus of the project is not restricted to a specific group: it welcomes children, teenagers, young people and adults of all ages and social conditions. Classes are held in different regions of the Federal District, taking place in public spaces and schools, making access broader and more inclusive.

With clear and targeted objectives, the Prevenindo com Arte Project aims to promote social inclusion, prevent violence, strengthen self-esteem and citizenship, develop artistic and sporting skills, promote social integration and contribute to the formation of conscious and responsible citizens.

The positive results are evident, with more than 10 thousand people benefiting so far, according to PMDF data. The students’ reports attest to the importance of the project in their personal and social development.

The benefits of the Preventing with Art Project are notable, and are not limited to sports or artistic practice. They include promoting physical and mental health, developing cognitive and motor skills, reducing violence, improving self-esteem, strengthening family and community ties, in addition to developing citizenship.

This PMDF initiative becomes a fundamental piece in the construction of a fairer and more inclusive society, showing that art and sport have transformative power, capable of positively impacting lives and communities.

As it celebrates eight years of existence, the Prevenindo com Arte Project reinforces its commitment to continue promoting inclusion, prevention and integral development, leaving a valuable legacy in building a more promising future for the Federal District and its citizens.

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