First day of Enem 2023 comes to an end across Brazil

First day of Enem 2023 comes to an end across Brazil
First day of Enem 2023 comes to an end across Brazil

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posted on 11/05/2023 19:56

05/11/2023 Credit: Luis Nova/CB. ENEM 2023. UNIP da Asa Sul. – (credit: Luis Nova/CB)


The first day of the National High School Exam (Enem) test came to an end at 7pm this Sunday (5/11). The 3.9 million people registered for the exam carried out by the National Institute of Educational Studies and Research Anísio Teixeira (Inep) had 5h30 to answer 90 questions on languages ​​and human sciences (history, geography, sociology and philosophy), in addition to submitting an essay dissertation-argumentative on the “Challenges for confronting the invisibility of care work carried out by women in Brazil”.

The first candidates began leaving the test sites at 3:30 pm (Brasília time), two hours after the start throughout Brazil. These students left without taking their test notebooks. At 6:30 pm, competitors were able to leave the application rooms with the material.

Third-year high school student Ana Beatriz Ribeiro Rodrigues, 17 years old, was the first to leave with her test book from Centro Universitário UniCeub, in Asa Norte. The Planaltina resident studies at a public school and said she prepared throughout the year to try to enroll in the nursing course. “It was the first time I took the test. I came with the intention of testing myself because I’m still in high school and at my school I study full time.”

In the Federal District, according to Inep, 72,982 people signed up to take the Exam. The largest number of registrants are female, in total 44,190 women and 28,792 men signed up. Candidates aged 17 are the majority in the capital, in total 19,864 people, followed by candidates aged between 21 and 30 years old, 14,241 people.

Dynamics of the tests

The Enem is administered over two days and consists of four objective tests. In total, there are 180 questions, 45 from each area of ​​knowledge. Next Sunday (11/12), candidates will have until 6:30 pm to answer 90 questions, 45 of which are mathematics and 45 are natural sciences (chemistry, physics and biology). Participants will have five hours to complete the tests.

In total in Brazil, more than 9 thousand test sites, with around 132 thousand rooms, were used to carry out this first day. This year Enem is turning 25 years old.

Geography teacher Denise Silva, 48 years old, was one of those who took the test and stayed until the last few minutes to resolve the questions. She decided to take the exam to try the psychology course. In her general analysis, she was positively surprised by the guiding theme of the test. “I’m looking to get out of education because teachers haven’t been valued for decades. I think the test is a physical marathon, it requires endurance and emotional control because it involves a lot of reading. Writing is very time consuming. The test is in line with the proposal to denounce and defend women’s rights. From the essay topic to most of the questions they discussed this topic. A subject that I consider to be extremely important. The test touched a nerve in Brazilian society,” she praised.

Those registered who were unable to take the first stage of the exam are authorized to take the second stage on November 12th. However, Inep’s advisor explained to the Mail that these candidates will not be able to access the results to apply for the higher education programs that Enem is a gateway to. “In this case, they will be able to take the test as a Trainee, that is, to test their knowledge”, explained the ministry in a note.

Enem assesses students’ academic performance at the end of basic education. Over more than two decades of existence, Enem has become the main gateway to higher education in Brazil, through the Unified Selection System (Sisu) and initiatives such as the University for All Program (Prouni).

Candidates who were affected by a problem during the test may make a request to request the exam to be reapplied. Between November 13th and 17th, Inep will receive reapplication requests. The new tests will be held on the 12th and 13th of December, however these requests will be analyzed by the committee responsible for Enem. Candidates who missed the test for personal reasons, such as arriving late, will not be considered.

The forecast is that the official test answer sheet will be published on November 24th. The final result with the candidates’ grades is scheduled to be published on January 16, 2024.

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