Cyclist dies after collision with bus in Barreiras, Bahia

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A woman died shortly after a collision with a passenger group in the city of Barreiras, in western Bahia. The accident with the cyclist occurred in the urban area of ​​the largest city in the region, around 8 am this Saturday (4), in the Vila Brasil neighborhood.

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The local press points out that the VCB bus was making a turn to access Rua Napoleão Macedo, when, at the same time, the cyclist who was going in the same direction was hit by the bus. It is assumed that the so-called “blind spot” in the rear-view mirror did not allow the driver to see.

The cyclist, whose first name was Gleice, died shortly after the accident. A team from the Mobile Emergency Care Service (Samu) was called when the death was confirmed at the scene. Two Military Police garrisons isolated the area, while the Technical Police Department (DPT) team carried out the investigation and then transferred the body to the IML.

The bus driver, who was in a state of shock, gave a statement, however, there is no information whether he was detained or released. The bus was released after the inspection, while the bicycle was presented at the police station.

Traffic in the area is intense. The accident caught the attention of several people who were passing by. There is no information about the wake or burial.

After collision with bus, woman dies in Barreiras, Bahia – Photo: Social networks

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