Integrated Command System is activated to ensure safety during Enem 2023


Photo: Disclosure/SSP-AM

The Amazonas Public Security Secretariat (SSP-AM), through the Executive Secretariat for Management and Integrated Planning (Seagi), activated the Integrated Command and Control System (SICC-4) to guarantee tranquility and security on the first day of application of the National High School Exam (Enem) exams, in Amazonas, this Sunday (5/11).

In-person monitoring was activated at 8 am, at the Integrated Command and Control Center (CICC), with integration between federal, state and municipal agencies involved in the process.

The tactical plan for “Operation Enem 2023” aims to guarantee the safety of exam organizers and participants. The main objective is to guarantee clear policing, in addition to avoiding disruptions, so that the event can take place without harm to the participants.

The work involved escorting the tests, from arrival in the state to delivery to the venues, passing through storage and distribution centers in the capital and in the 56 municipalities of the State, where the exams will be administered.


The Enem 2023 operation is coordinated by SSP-AM, in integrated action with the Amazonas Military Police (PMAM), Amazonas Civil Police (PC-AM), Amazonas Military Fire Department (CBMAM), Federal Police (PF/AM ), State Department of Health (SES-AM), National Institute of Educational Studies and Research Anísio Teixeira (Inep), Brazilian Center for Research in Assessment and Selection and Promotion of Events (Cebraspe), State Department of Education and Sports School, Municipal Department of Education (Semed), Municipal Institute of Urban Mobility (IMMU), Correios, Amazonas Energia and Águas de Manaus, among others.

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