Panorando celebrates events in Manaus and prepares a show for Mato Grosso

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With more than 1,500 people reached, the Overview Company and Producer celebrates the holding of two major events in Manaus. Now, the group is preparing to present a show for the public of Mato Grossoin day November 17th.

In its luggage, the company from Amazonas takes the recent experience of two major events held in Manaus: the ‘Festival 5 Minutos em Cena’ and the show ‘As Cores da América Latina’.

5 Minutes on Stage Festival. Photo: Hebe Raquel/Panorando


With the ‘Festival 5 Minutos em Cena’, held from September 13th to 15th, in Manaus, Panorando reached more than 800 people. This year, the event focused on dance. In the first two days of the program, activities focused on public schools in the capital.

In total, 85 students participated in free dance workshops at Escola Estadual Cacilda Braule Pinto, in the Coroado neighborhood, East Zone of Manaus. Around 200 students attended the festival’s performances at the Escola Estadual de Tempo Integral Zulmira Bittencourt, in the São Jorge neighborhood, West Zone of Manaus.

On September 15th, the ‘Festival 5 Minutos em Cena’ arrived at Teatro Amazonas, with 11 dance shows. Around 600 people attended the presentations.

The event organizer, Fábio Moura, celebrates the results. “This 2023 edition proved to be very important for our dance scene, mainly due to the diverse nature of the dance styles that made up the event, reinforcing the need to get closer to artists with different perspectives from ours”, he highlighted.

He also confirmed the holding of the ‘Festival 5 Minutos em Cena 2024’. “It will be an edition that will again include circus, theater and performance work, in addition to dance,” he said.

Photo: Panoramic


With the dance show ‘As Cores da América Latina’, Panorando reached more than 700 people.

The show, which had already toured Pernambuco and Rondônia, passed through three bus terminals in Manaus (T3, T4 and T5) on the 23rd, 24th and 25th of September, reaching around 210 people.

The performance at Teatro Amazonas took place on September 27th. An audience of 500 people followed the program there.

“We left this first circulation with a result that leaves us very satisfied with the work carried out for nine months in putting together this show, from the elaboration, pre-production of the project, and it arrived at Teatro Amazonas with an extremely affectionate audience, which makes This whole process is worth it”, said Fábio Moura.

Photo: Hebe Raquel/Panorando


Currently, Panorando is preparing to perform at the Velha Joana Festival, in Primavera do Leste, in Mato Grosso, in the Center-West of Brazil. This time, the company will present the show ‘Sodade’.

The presentation arrives on the stage of the Mato Grosso festival on November 17, 2023.

According to Fábio Moura, the Amazon show was selected among 522 proposals. “We were very happy to have received this recognition for our work. The result brings together several references that we have in the performing arts, different groups from which we draw inspiration. It will be a great pleasure to take our show to the Velha Joana Festival”, he highlighted.

The show ‘Sodade’ was also invited by the Ministry of Culture to be part of the programming of the Brazilian Creative Industries Market (MICBR), which will take place from November 8th to 12th in Belém, capital of Pará.

Inspired by northeastern imagery, ‘Sodade’ mixes the languages ​​of dance, music and circus. In the scene, a group presents memories after the death of a friend. Romances and fun are brought to the fore.


Fábio Moura is the general director of Panorando Cia e Produtora’s presentations. The artistic coordination is by Talita Menezes. The events are produced by Ana Carol Nunes, Benner Siqueira, Reysson Brandão and Marcos Telles.

The presentations in Manaus were supported by the City of Manaus and the Government of Amazonas, through the Secretariat of Culture and Creative Economy.


Panorando Cia e Produtora was founded in 2016, to integrate arts professionals in Manaus. In 2017, the group began to act as a producer of events and dance and theater shows.

The ‘Festival 5 Minutos em Cena: Circus, Dance, Theater and Performance’ is one of the highlights of Panorando’s productions. In 2018, the company received an Honorable Mention from the Amazonas Theater Federation (Fetam), the Jurupari Trophy, for holding the event.

The group also produced the shows in process: curumins (2017); Notes About Her (2017); 1960: interim title (2018); Jamais Fomos Modernos (2018/2019) and Sodade (2019/2020).

The company has already performed in Amazonas and in the states of Pará, Pernambuco and Minas Gerais.

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