DF has a forecast of 4,300 temporary vacancies in commerce for the end of the year, according to research – News

DF has a forecast of 4,300 temporary vacancies in commerce for the end of the year, according to research – News
DF has a forecast of 4,300 temporary vacancies in commerce for the end of the year, according to research – News

Around 4,300 temporary job vacancies should be created in DF commerce to meet year-end demands, according to data from the Temporary Labor Hiring Survey by the Fecomércio-DF Institute. The study also revealed that 50.5% of store owners expect to hire employees due to the highest demand during Black Friday, at the end of this month, and Christmas. This is the highest rate recorded in the last seven years surveyed.

The research analyzed 410 companies among retailers from more than 20 basic commerce segments. The established average was 2.18 people hired per company, and the segment that hires the most is bakery and confectionery, with 2.9 people.

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The year 2023 recorded the lowest non-hiring rate since the beginning of the survey, in 2017, at 44.40%. Last year, 69.58% of companies stated that they would not hire temporary employees, while 29.82% did and 0.6% were unable to respond.

According to the data, most companies start hiring for the end of the year in November, with 35.75% in the first fortnight and 26.23% in the second.

The president of Sistema Fecomércio-DF, José Aparecido Freire, states that Christmas is the best time of the year for traders, who invest in stocks and sales strategies. “[Os consumidores] they tend to spend more compared to other commemorative dates, since at Christmas everyone can give and receive gifts”, he states.

According to Aparecido, optimism is linked to several socioeconomic factors. “Our sector assesses that these positive numbers reflect the current situation of the economy, with a drop in inflation, reductions in the Selic rate, an increase in the level of employability and adjustments granted to workers in the public and private sector”, he explains.

Temporary worker profile

According to the survey, 70.1% of companies say that there is a possibility of implementation after Christmas. Among the criteria considered as prerequisites for hiring, proactive behavior comes first (23.48%), followed by previous experience (18.46%).

Flexibility in schedule, place of residence, full-time availability, education and specific courses are also taken into consideration.

For regional store manager Naldo Ribeiro, hiring after the temporary period depends on the performance of each employee. “We hire people who are outside the curve, open-minded and who want to grow,” he says. He also says that he is looking for proactivity and “people who want to develop at work and present a different role”, he adds.

According to the data, some behavioral characteristics are necessary. Attitudes of cordiality and respect, responsibility, cleaning the work environment, ethics, punctuality, knowing how to listen and attendance are some of them.

The biggest reason for not hiring is having enough staff the rest of the time (44.33%).

For those looking for a temporary job, Aparecido gives some tips:
• detail the activities carried out in the last job;
• invest in the distribution of CVs in shops close to where you live;
• ensure that you will have the time required for the position;
• present certificates of professional courses; It is
• be cordial, respectful, punctual and well-groomed during the interview.

The president of Sistema Fecomércio also states that it is important that candidates meet the prerequisites listed by store owners during the research, such as proactivity.

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