Alagoas Rock Festival gets new schedule


The State Secretariat for Culture and Creative Economy (Secult), published in the Official Gazette of the State of Alagoas a new schedule for the 4th Alagoas Rock Festival. With the changes, presentations by selected artists will take place between February and March 2024.

The festival’s objective is to encourage the Rock movement in Alagoas, showing all the versatility of the state’s artists, and encouraging cultural movements in the most diverse segments, in addition to serving as a boost for the creative economy.

The Secretary of State for Culture and Creative Economy of Alagoas, Mellina Freitas, highlighted the importance of the initiative for strengthening the music sector in Alagoas. “Music festivals play a fundamental role in the cultural scene of Alagoas. They not only celebrate our rich musical heritage but also provide a platform for local artists to showcase their talents. Furthermore, these events attract visitors and tourists, boosting our economy and promoting the artistic diversity that defines us as a state”, concluded the department manager.

The selected bands/artists will receive an artistic fee worth R$10,000 to perform their shows at the event.

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