Alagoas is one of the states selected in the MovCEU-2023 program, from the Ministry of Culture

Alagoas is one of the states selected in the MovCEU-2023 program, from the Ministry of Culture
Alagoas is one of the states selected in the MovCEU-2023 program, from the Ministry of Culture

Alagoas will be one of the states benefiting from MovCEU 2023, an initiative of the Territories of Culture Program of the Ministry of Culture (MinC), aimed at strengthening culture in peripheral regions. The announcement was made by the MinC through Ordinance No. 82 in the Official Gazette of the Union last Wednesday (1). This initiative includes 30 projects in different areas of the country, representing an important step towards cultural promotion in different regions.

The states of Acre, Amazonas, Amapá, Bahia, Ceará, Espírito Santo, Goiás, Maranhão, Minas Gerais, Mato Grosso, Pará, Paraíba, Pernambuco, Piauí, Paraná, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Norte, Roraima, Rio Grande do South, Santa Catarina, Sergipe, São Paulo and Tocantins were also included in the first call. The next step is to register equipment acquisition proposals on the Transferegov Portal by November 12th.

The selection of the locations covered was based on several criteria, including the analysis of the Municipal Human Development Index (IDHM) of the benefited regions, the number of family farming communities, indigenous peoples, among others. Furthermore, aspects such as the variety of existing cultural activities and compliance with the vehicle’s architectural design were considered. MovCEU equipment is expected to be delivered in July 2024.

According to the MinC’s Undersecretary of Cultural Spaces and Equipment, Cecília Gomes de Sá, the selection was a success. “We received 415 proposals and we will arrive with books, films and cultural infrastructure, in very distant places, such as indigenous communities, riverside communities, quilombolas and outskirts”.

For the Secretary of State for Culture and Creative Economy, Mellina Freitas, the selection represents a significant step towards strengthening the work of the Government of Alagoas, through the Secretary of State for Culture and Creative Economy, in promoting access to culture in areas peripheral areas, including indigenous communities, quilombolas and low-income regions.

“It is with great happiness that we received the news of the selection of Secult’s proposal in the MovCEU-2023 program. We believe that this initiative will enrich the cultural scene in Alagoas, providing itinerant spaces for production, enjoyment and artistic exchange”, said the manager. “We are committed to implementing this proposal effectively, aiming to stimulate cultural diversity and inclusion, extending the benefits of culture to all layers of the population in our state”, reinforced Mellina.


MovCEU is an itinerant cultural equipment and was designed for places with low-income families in municipalities with less than 20 thousand inhabitants, rural or urban, that have limitations for the construction of public cultural equipment. This project provides access to infrastructure for cultural formation, enjoyment and production, uniting communities through cultural enrichment. In practice, the MovCEU is a van/van type vehicle adapted to transform into various cultural equipment.

Transport can become a library, audiovisual production studio, street cinema, stage for various presentations, among other cultural uses. The idea is that it circulates between locations, ensuring that each one is served at least once a month, promoting a routine of cultural use.

The equipment will be acquired through financing from the Union, with resources from the National Culture Fund or the ministry, and federative entities can propose other financial contributions.

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