Shocking audio shows terror of biomedical victims: “I’m going to die”


Theoretically simple and natural treatments for increasing and harmonizing the butt of patients at an aesthetic clinic have become a scandal in Brasília. A week ago, the Metropolises exclusively showed reports from women who denounced Rafael Bracca, a biomedic and influencer from the Federal District, for serious damage to their health after being subjected to what he called the “TX-8 protocol” for glutes. Since then, new victims have emerged, he ended up being arrested for irregularly exercising his profession and reports of possible new crimes have come to light. Now, the report features shocking audio, which shows the terror experienced by Bracca’s former patients.

“He did me a lot of harm. I dreamed about this man every day, God knows, and I was scared. He destroyed my dream”, reports Isis Correa, a manicurist who saved money for years to carry out the treatment. Businesswoman Natalia Teixeira began to experience a nightmare on her honeymoon. “I was hospitalized four times. The last one, lasting 30 days, was the hospitalization in which I ended up starting to write a letter [de despedida] for my family. Because I thought I wouldn’t get past it,” she recalls.

The biomedical victims formed a group of around 20 women, where they shared different complaints against Rafael Bracca. The reports are similar. Most met the professional, now in prison, through social media. It was online that he attracted the most patients, with flashy videos and miraculous promises of immediate results, especially with the “TX-8 protocol” for the butt. They say that the formula of the products applied was almost never disclosed, under the claim that it was an exclusive and patented treatment, and that the syringes with the substances arrived ready at the doctor’s office.

After the procedure, the patients who made the complaints say that they began to live with various problems, such as pain, inflammation, infections, nodules, and lung difficulties. Several women were hospitalized, some even in Intensive Care Units (ICUs). “I thought all the time: ‘I’m going to die, what will happen to my children?’”, recalls Natália. Another victim, who preferred not to be identified, comments that an associate of Bracca also made applications. “She took it and applied it herself. It was a butcher shop there, a horrible business.”

Biomedical practitioner Rafael Bracca promotes himself on the networks as a successful professional. Influencer with more than 65 thousand followers on Instagram, on a profile that remained active until the publication of this report, he has clinics in upscale areas of Brasília and São Paulo, and sells courses with the promise of tripling the revenue of healthcare professionals.

To promote his work, Bracca says he has a 20-year career, but the math doesn’t add up. Now 38 years old, Bracca graduated in biomedicine from a private college in Brasília in June 2019, just over 4 years ago.

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On social networks, the accused still promotes the controversial ozone therapy and has already defended hydroxychloroquine against Covid-19 in the pandemic, treatments that have never been proven effective. Even though he is not a doctor, he still says that he has protocols aimed at schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, diabetes, ADHD and even autism, promising to “reverse symptoms”. In 2021, Bracca began to be investigated in an administrative ethics process at the Regional Council of Biomedicine for carrying out a medical role, in a case in which he allegedly promised to cure the ringing in a patient’s ears.

When requesting examinations, Rafael Bracca’s clinic used doctors’ stamps and signatures. One of them, Herval Cavalcanti Pereira de Sá Martins, is revoked by the Regional Council of Medicine of the Federal District (CRM-DF). Clinic documents revealed by Metropolises show Herval’s signature in June this year, after his impeachment. He denies that he signed any medical order for Bracca in 2023.


Rafael Bracca was arrested in the act last Wednesday (1/11), working at the clinic that had previously been closed, at 610 Sul, for irregularly carrying out the activity. The arrest took place after a joint investigation by the 1st Police Station (Asa Sul) and the DF Health Surveillance. Several irregularities were found at the site, such as anesthetic medications and antibiotics, which could not be administered by the biomedic.

The Court of Justice of the Federal District and Territories (TJDFT) maintained the arrest of biomedical doctor Rafael Bracca after a custody hearing.

Defendant for trafficking

Shortly before his arrest for illegal practice of his profession, Bracca also became a defendant for drug trafficking, following a decision by the TJDFT. This case was concluded by the Civil Police with the indictment of the biomedical influencer. In a search and seizure in February this year, prohibited formulas were found in his office in Asa Sul.

On that occasion, the agents caught 200 units of red methylhexanamine (DMAA) capsules, a substance that helps with weight loss, but was banned by the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) in 2012 for increasing the risk of heart, liver and kidney diseases. for example.

In the process, the DF Public Prosecutor’s Office recalled that the seized materials have been “prohibited for a long time”, and also pointed out that Bracca is a biomedical professional and goes to a gym, so “he does not have a layman’s judgment on what is permitted or prohibited”. The agency also did not offer a proposal for a Non-Persecution Agreement (ANPP) to the accused, stating that “there are clear signs of professional, repeated and habitual criminal conduct, considering that he is facing another criminal action”.

What the defense says

In a statement, Rafael Bracca’s defense denied all accusations. “At the outset, it is important to say that aesthetic procedures of any kind using PDO threads, collagen, amino acids, hyaluronic acid, among others, can generate adverse reactions in terms of inflammation and, in some cases, infection and nodules that can be extracted. In fact, the product itself can be removed without causing injury.”

“Of the procedures we performed, the complaint mentions that 15 patients, of the more than 400 we treated, presented some complications, in this case an inflammatory process that is treated when the patient is willing to follow the biomedical instructions, but when canceling the service of service and submitting to other professionals, exempt their responsibility.”

The note also states that the “type of complications presented by patients is predictable”, and when patients report the inflammatory clinical condition there is “all support”. “In fact, treatment using antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and other procedures that help reduce inflammation, in this case ozone therapy and laser sessions, is prescribed by the doctor and technical manager of the Bracca Clinic, and everyone who undergoes the treatment has received a positive response. .”

The biomedical doctor’s lawyers also claim that Rafael Bracca “was not informed” by doctor Herval about his revocation. “However, the clinic’s lawyer reported that Dr. Herval had been revoked by the CRM, which was when the doctor stopped providing services at the Bracca clinic, so another professional was hired to replace him.”

Regarding the tax registration, the defense claims that the clinic was fined and closed, at the beginning of 2022, “when Rafael Bracca was surprised by the news of a change in the company’s CNAE, by his former manager, without his knowledge”. “But the clinic was lifted and allowed to operate normally.”

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