TRT RN competition: high-level preparation

TRT RN competition: high-level preparation
TRT RN competition: high-level preparation

Now that the notice for the new TRT RN competition (Regional Labor Court of the 21st Region) has been published, we must intensify our preparation.

In order to help you prepare at a high level for the TRT RN exam, I wrote this article with several tips that will help you during this journey. By following them, I’m sure your path to approval will be a little easier. Even for those who are studying for other public exams, reading this article can help you a lot.

It is important to highlight that all the tips I will give in this article are based on my experience and have helped me achieve several approvals and nominations in public competitions.

Create a study schedule

A very important step in your preparation for the TRT RN exam is to have a good study schedule for your organization. Take stock of the time you have available each day of the week and distribute it across the different subjects in the competition. The schedule will help you plan better and divide your study time between different subjects.

Regarding this stage, I advise you to read an article dedicated to study schedules that I published here on Strategy. Additionally, if you want help from an expert to create your schedule, you can look for me on Instagram (@profcarloseduardocardoso).

When preparing the schedule, take into account the difficulty you have in each subject and the weight it has in the TRT RN exam. Always give priority to the subjects that you have the most difficulty with and that are worth more points on the test, dedicating more time to studying them.

Don’t forget to leave part of your time for reviewing and solving exercises.

Preparation for the TRT RN competition: Study for quality material

Good material will be essential for your preparation for the TRT RN competition. To do this, you can use the excellent material from Estilo Concursos. There you can find PDFs with all the theory for your test, as well as thousands of commented questions from previous competitions. Additionally, the platform also offers very complete video classes and summarized material to facilitate your study.

Preparation for the TRT RN competition: Solve lots of exercises

For you to achieve a good classification in the TRT RN competition, it is essential that you solve many exercises from previous competitions. Now that the Fundação Carlos Chagas (FCC) panel has been chosen, prioritize the questions of this examining panel to better understand how it usually charges each subject. I usually solve thousands (yes, thousands!) of board questions during my preparation for the exam.

In addition to allowing you to get to know the exam board better, solving exercises will also help you know your level in each of the subjects. In fact, this tool can help you make adjustments to your study schedule.

To facilitate this stage, Estilo is preparing several new simulations with questions in the style of the Fundação Carlos Chagas (FCC) panel.

Preparation for the TRT RN competition: Don’t forget the reviews

During preparation, a mistake that many candidates tend to make is wanting to finish the notice straight away, see new topics and forget to review. Be aware that revisions are essential during your preparation for the TRT RN exam.

There is no point in the candidate continuing to study the subject and forgetting what he studied at the beginning. My advice is that you review it frequently. Whenever you study a subject, dedicate part of your study time to reviewing previous classes you have already studied.

Another important tool during review is solving exercises. Solving exercises from previous classes helps you review the material and also shows you which subjects you are most comfortable with and which ones you need to intensify your study on.

Plan your trip

This tip is especially valid for those who don’t live in the state of Rio Grande do Norte. Try to buy your ticket and book your hotel in advance. Don’t leave it until the last minute as there is a possibility of not getting a good flight to your destination or having to pay a lot for the ticket. Try to find a hotel close to the test site so you don’t waste a lot of time in traffic on the day of the test.

Additionally, don’t forget to rest and eat well during the time you are not studying, as a rested brain and a well-fed body are essential during your study.

These are some of the main tips for high-level preparation for the TRT RN exam, I’m sure that if you follow them you will be closer to approval.

Good test and good studies!

Carlos Eduardo Cardoso

State Treasury Consultant, Teacher and Coach of the Concursos Strategy

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