Samu 192 Sergipe approves the Systematization of Nursing Care


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Methodology is in accordance with Cofen Resolution nº 358/2009, which aims to grant greater autonomy to nursing professionals

In order to improve the care provided to the population, the State Department of Health (SES), through the Mobile Emergency Care Service (Samu 192 Sergipe), approved the Systematization of Nursing Care (SAE), a scientific methodology that has been progressively integrated into care practice, providing greater safety for patients, improving the quality of care and granting greater autonomy to nursing professionals.

According to the superintendent of Samu 192 Sergipe, Dénison Pereira, this initiative aims to improve emergency assistance, ensuring more efficient and safe assistance for the state’s population. “SEA is a fundamental instrument for all spaces where we have nursing. It provides job security for professionals, on how to record the services provided within protocols. With this, we will improve the quality of care provided to trauma patients,” he highlighted.

The implementation of SAE is now an obligation for health institutions, both public and private, in accordance with Cofen Resolution nº 358/2009, which requires its adoption throughout Brazil. “This measure reflects the commitment of health institutions to following the best nursing practices, improving the care provided at Samu 192 Sergipe”, highlighted the nurse and member of the Samu 192 Sergipe planning committee, Daniele Martins.

The second phase is the training of professionals. “When implementing a new work model, we need to train our professionals. The next phase will be precisely this: making our nurses adapt to this new validated instrument that will be used for all clinical and traumatic care, strengthening the entire nursing team and directly impacting the safety and quality of patient care”, he said. the superintendent.

The project is a significant milestone in improving the nursing process at Samu 192 Sergipe. For implementation, the Nursing coordination, in partnership with the scientific and planning committee, was attended by specialist professor Elisangela Minari to discuss and define new paths for implementing the Nursing Process in the service.

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Published: November 1, 2023, 4:29 pm | Updated: November 1, 2023, 4:29 pm

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