Federal Highway Police begins Operation All Souls’ Day on highways


The Federal Highway Police (PRF) began, this Wednesday (1st), Operation All Souls’ Day on the country’s federal highways. Until 11:59 pm next Sunday (5), agents will be mobilized in places with the highest incidence of accidents to ensure traffic flow and greater safety for those traveling during this period.

Like other operations throughout the year, the initiative is part of the PRF’s national calendar, which is aligned with the goal of reducing traffic deaths across the country. According to the corporation, in addition to operational planning, to reduce traffic violence it is necessary to support drivers by avoiding excessive speed, drunk driving and undue overtaking.

“We hope that drivers are aware that they cannot exceed the speed of the road and that the mixture of alcohol and driving does not mix. Many people end up drinking alcohol and feel in a position to drive, but it has been more than proven that it greatly increases fatality on the highways”, highlighted the Director of Operations at the PRF, Marcos Vinícius, in a statement.

Police officers use radars and breathalyzers and reinforce inspection at critical points to curb serious infractions and prevent head-on collisions. During approaches, basic safety devices are checked, such as seat belts, car seats and helmets. For information, complaints, reporting crimes and accidents, the PRF answers the emergency number 191.


The PRF also advises on the essential care for those traveling during this period:

– The driver must inspect the main items related to the vehicle’s safety, such as tires, brakes, lights, oil and fuel.

– Rest well before driving the vehicle, as sleep can be as harmful as drinking alcohol.

– Check the validity of personal and vehicle documentation. Since October, some states have started to require licensing in 2023.

– All occupants of the vehicle must wear a seat belt. Children need to be transported in a device appropriate to their weight and age – baby seat, car seat or booster seat.

– Motorcycle drivers must take even greater care on highways: wear a helmet with a visor and securely attached to the head, clothing that helps protect in the event of a fall and closed-toe shoes.

– Respecting traffic signs and rules is essential for a safe trip, obeying the speed limits and permitted overtaking locations, in addition to never mixing alcohol and driving.

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