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Actor Jeff Machado’s body will be buried in Araranguá, in Santa Catarina, the city where his family lives – Reproduction/Social Networks

Actor Jeff Machado’s body will be buried in Araranguá, in Santa Catarina, the city where his family livesReproduction/Social Networks

Published 25/05/2023 17:43 | Updated 5/25/2023 6:39 PM

Rio – The main suspect of killing and burying the actor in a trunk Jefferson Machadobetter known as Jeff Machado, aged 44, made promises to get jobs for the victim in soap operas. The man is a television producer and had known Jeff for at least four years. The actor’s last participation in soap operas was in 2022, when he played a philistine soldier in the soap opera ‘Reis’, on TV Record. At that time, the victim and the suspect were already friends and, according to close friends of the victim, Jeff confided his projects to him.


The name of the suspect will not be mentioned in the report so as not to jeopardize investigations by the Police Station for Finding Whereabouts (DDPA), which handles the case. So far, the expert has not yet informed whether it will subpoena the producer to testify or whether it will request a preventive arrest warrant against him. Other witnesses are being heard at the DDPA and investigations are ongoing.

According to Jeff’s childhood friend, the crime suspect rented the residence, located in Campo Grande, in the West Zone of Rio, last year, and had been in possession of the actor’s house and car since his disappearance on the 27th. of January of this year. In February, Jeff’s family reached out to the man, who initially responded that he was looking after his friend’s properties at his request. However, after a while the suspect stopped responding to family members.

“The house where the body was found was rented by the last person who was with him. He is the alleged killer, the murderer, suspect. This guy rented this house in December of last year and Jefferson was found buried in the small plot of this house. He was murdered at home, they put it inside his trunk, transported it in Jefferson’s car and took it to this house. They buried it two meters deep”, said the friend to the DAY.

Images released by the Civil Police show that the agents had difficulty digging up the trunk where the actor’s body was, as it was under concrete. Identification of the corpse was confirmed through fingerprints this Wednesday (24).

This Thursday (25), the victim’s mother was at the Legal Medical Institute (IML) and demanded justice. Accompanied by the lawyer Jairo Magalhães, Maria das Dores Estevão Machado took care of the release and transfer of the artist’s body.

“It is very sad for a young man to come to Rio de Janeiro to study, study Journalism, Cinema and Production, dedicate himself to acting. And then be found by bandits, who are loose here in Rio. Justice must be done, and very quickly”, asked the actor’s mother.

Jeff will be buried on Saturday afternoon (27), at Cruz das Almas Cemetery, in the city of Araranguá, Santa Catarina, where he was born. Before the burial, Jeff’s family and childhood friends will attend a mass in his honor, at 1:30 pm, at the Nossa Senhora Mãe dos Homens Shrine, in the same city in Santa Catarina.

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