Deputies ignore Senate position and weaken rules to protect the Atlantic Forest | National Newspaper

Deputies ignore Senate position and weaken rules to protect the Atlantic Forest | National Newspaper
Deputies ignore Senate position and weaken rules to protect the Atlantic Forest | National Newspaper

Deputies ignore Senate position and weaken rules to protect the Atlantic Forest

Environmentalists and the public ministry reacted to the decisions of the National Congress that emptied the environmental agenda and reduced assignments of the ministries of Environment It is Indian people. President Lula declared that the government will negotiate with the parliamentarians and find political solutions to the impasse.

The deputies were quick in the session on the night of Wednesday (24). In 29 minutes, they approved the provisional measure and brought back changes that loosen the protection of Atlantic forestthe most threatened biome in the country.

The original MP, edited by then President Jair Bolsonaro, dealt with the extension of the deadline for rural properties to adhere to the Environmental Regularization Program. But, at the end of march, deputies included in the text the so-called tortoises, which facilitate deforestation.

Last week, the Senate overthrew those tortoises and, now, the deputies ignored the decision of the senators and included them again. Among other points, the project allows the deforestation of the forest, including untouched areas, for infrastructure works, with authorization from the city hall and the cost of an environmental impact study.

On Wednesday (24), just the parties PSOL, Network, PCdoB, Citizenship It is PV were totally against these changes. The PV had already entered the STF with a lawsuit, in early May, against the provisional measure. The Supreme Court requested information from the Congress.

“It is a huge setback. It is a blow to the Atlantic Forest, which is a national heritage, which is the only Brazilian biome that has a special law that protects it, that governs it. It would be absurd for the world that this elected government, with these commitments, with the environmental agenda, with traditional communities, would again devastate, deforest the Atlantic Forest”, says Malu Ribeiro, Director of Public Policies at SOS Mata Atlântica.

In an interview with GloboNewsMinister Alexandre Padilha, responsible for the government’s political articulation, said that President Lula will veto the changes made by the Chamber.

“Congress has its role, it makes contributions, it makes its measures and the government has the instrument of the veto. We are going to veto this aggression against the Atlantic Forest that was incorporated yesterday as well. There is even a commitment from the Senate that President Lula, by vetoing, will not override the veto in the Senate,” said Padilha.

  • Congressional commission approves measures that empty the Ministries of the Environment and Indigenous Peoples
  • Proposals to restructure the government empty the ministries of the Environment and Indigenous Peoples

Environmentalists also criticize another decision by Congress. to what involved with government restructuring proposed by President Lula. The mixed commission that analyzed the provisional measure approved changes that empty the ministries of the Environment and of Indian peoplewith the endorsement of government parliamentarians.

The report by deputy Isnaldo Bulhoes, from the MDB, approved on Wednesday afternoon (24), still needs to be voted on in the plenary sessions of the Chamber and Senate, and then goes to President Lula’s veto or sanction.

Among other changes, the commission began managing the Rural Environmental Registrywhich is used to maintain the database of rural properties and control deforestation, from the Ministry of the Environment to the Ministry of Management and Innovation in Public Services.

O Environment still lost the National Water Agencywhich passed to the Ministry of Integration and Regional Development.

the minister of Environment, Marina Silva, said this Thursday (25th) that the government is experiencing the contradictions of being a government with a broad front. This would explain, in her understanding, the favorable vote of allies of the Planalto Palace to the emptying of ministries. Marina said she will resist what she called Congressional blunder.

“They are transforming the government’s provisional measure that won into the government’s provisional measure that lost on several agendas. Especially in the environmental agenda and indigenous peoples. But we have to resist and we will resist by handling these contradictions, creating alternatives, seeking solutions and taking care of the legacy”, said the Minister of the Environment.

The report approved on Wednesday (24) also transfers the competence for the demarcation of indigenous lands from the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples for the Justice ministry. The Federal Public Ministry reacted. He stated, in a note, that “the alteration of this attribution constitutes a worrying legal setback in the guarantee and protection of territorial rights, representing a true attack on the achievements of the indigenous movement”.

the minister of Indian peopleSônia Guajajara, said this Thursday (25th), in Maranhão, that the mixed commission’s decision, emptying the attributions of the Ministry of Indigenous Peoplesit was a great defeat and that Congress cannot only think about economic issues.

“At a time when measures to combat the climate crisis are being discussed so much, it is the indigenous territories that present themselves as a major barrier to the increase of the climate crisis. It is a time when we need a lot of care, a lot of attention, that Congress also needs to become more aware, pay attention so that we can maintain the balance there. And that no right overlaps the other. Economic growth is important, but it is also important to think about what guarantees the continuity of life on the planet”, stated Sônia Guajajara.

The Minister of Justice, Flávio Dino, used a social network to question the changes. He hinted that the government might try to reverse some Congressional measures by decree and quoted the Constitution: “Art. 84: it is exclusively incumbent upon the President of the Republic to: VI – dispose, by decree, on: a) organization and functioning of the federal administration, when it does not imply an increase in expenses or the creation or extinction of public bodies”. This is the case of the Ministry of the Environment, which already existed before.

This Friday (26), ministers Marina Silva and Sônia Guajajara are going to participate in the government’s political coordination meeting. The two were summoned by President Lula.

In São Paulo, this Thursday (25th), Lula spoke about the relationship with Congress and the role of politics.

“‘I get the news and the impression I had is that the world had ended.’ ‘Lula was defeated by Congress’, ‘the ministry of this is over’, ‘the ministry of that is over’… And I went to read it and what was happening was the most normal thing. Until then, we were sending the vision of government that we wanted. The commission in the National Congress decided to change, something that is almost impossible to change in the structure of government, which is a government that does. And now the game has begun. Now, we’re going to play, we’re going to talk to Congress and we’re going to manage what we need to do. What we cannot do is be frightened by politics. I will repeat: every time society is frightened by politics and it starts to blame the political class, the result is infinitely worse”, stated the President.

“We’ve already had lessons. And it is important for us to remember: no matter how bad the policy is, it is in it and with it that we have the solutions to the good, big and small problems of this country, ”he said.

  • Marina Silva criticizes proposal to remove land demarcation from the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples: ‘One of the worst signs’
  • Changes in the MP that restructures ministries will be ‘strategic errors’ against agriculture and agreements in Brazil, says Marina Silva

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