Alems has the 10th worst transparency index in the country, according to a survey

Alems has the 10th worst transparency index in the country, according to a survey
Alems has the 10th worst transparency index in the country, according to a survey

The Alems (Legislative Assembly of Mato Grosso do Sul) appears in the 10th place with the worst transparency index in the country, according to the Survey of International Transparency Brazil. The body evaluates the Legislative of all states in Brazil.

Members of the Alems (Legislative Assembly of Mato Grosso do Sul). (Photo: Luciana Nassar/Alems)

In the study, Alems scored 36 out of a possible 100 points. Its performance is considered “poor” in the ITGP (Transparency and Public Governance Index).

The survey analyzes 84 criteria distributed in 8 dimensions. All evaluate transparency and public governance. They are: Legal Frameworks, Platforms, Administration and Governance, Financial and Budget Transparency, Digital Transformation, Communication, Participation and Open Data.

The House of Laws of Mato Grosso do Sul resulted in a low score in Administrative Transparency, as it does not disclose information considered basic for social control and transparency of expenses by society. The study also indicated that there is a lack of information regarding public revenues, public expenditures and bids.

Alems positioned itself through a note. Check it out below:

“The legislature is in constant effort to improve accountability to the population, which is why it appointed a working commission with the scope of expanding and expanding the mechanisms of transparency, still respecting the provisions of the recent General Data Protection Law” .

Evaluated criteria

The survey evaluates the monthly publications of databases in relation to the salary of effective and commissioned civil servants in a nominal form — that is, name by name–, with:

  • “dictionaries”, documentation or explanatory element of the data;
  • free access to the bases and published under an open license (that is, anyone can access);
  • machine-readable data (formats such as .csv, which can be easily manipulated and analyzed in spreadsheets);
  • possibility to download the data;
  • historic Serie =

Each of the above criteria were evaluated by Transparency International Brazil. From the results, grades from 0 to 1 were given for each assembly.

Below is the complete ranking:

Good Performance:

  • Federal District: 75.0
  • Holy Spirit: 71.0
  • Minas Gerais: 69.8
  • Ceará: 60.8

Regular Performance:

  • Goiás: 59.3
  • Mato Grosso: 58.2
  • Rio Grande do Sul: 49.11
  • Paraná: 47.51
  • São Paulo: 46.8
  • Bahia: 46.0
  • Pernambuco: 45.2
  • Rondônia: 44.93
  • Santa Catarina: 44.4
  • Maranhão: 43.5
  • Pará: 41.4
  • Roraima: 41.3

Bad performance:

  • Rio Grande do Norte: 38.2
  • Mato Grosso do Sul: 36.0
  • Paraíba: 35.9
  • Alagoas: 33.3
  • Sergipe: 32.0
  • Amazon: 27.0
  • Tocantins: 26.0
  • Rio de Janeiro: 24.4

Bad performance:

  • Piauí: 19.0
  • Amapa: 18.0
  • Acre: 14.4

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