Detran task force in Parauapebas must solve almost 600 qualification process


Detran’s effort aims to resolve CNH processes initiated between November 2022 and February 2023

By Leidemar Oliveira (DETRAN)

05/25/2023 21:03

The State Traffic Department (Detran) started last Monday (22) a driver’s license in Parauapebas, a municipality in the Southeast region. The objective is to solve National Driver’s License (CNH) processes initiated between November 2022 and February 2023, a period in which the agency’s driver’s license system underwent updating and modernization to better serve users.

The Detran team is solving pending issues in the Carajás Integration Region The mutirão is made up of a rearguard team from the Detran de Belém, moved to Parauapebas to finalize pending matters. According to the manager of the Regional Traffic Circumscription (Ciretran) of the municipality, Bruna Escobar, around 600 license processes must be solved during the joint effort. “We were really in need of this strengthening of the Detran in our municipality, as it is a team capable of solving what we were unable to solve here and, in this way, delivering to users what they most want at that moment, which is the CNH”, said the manager.

Adria Matos is one of the beneficiaries of the mutirãoMore deliveries – This Friday (26th), Ciretran will start delivering over a thousand CNHs at the Citizenship Station. Part of these deliveries includes the processes solved since the beginning of the task force. The public servant Ádria Cristina Matos was today (25) at the Citizenship Station, and confirmed the receipt of the first qualification. According to her, the exams were completed in January, but due to the system update, the card had not yet been printed. “Thanks to this effort by the Detran, I will be able to receive my driver’s license, which is a long-awaited moment for me and my whole family, since the document will allow me to drive and solve my household chores. I am very happy”, he said.

65fc77db43.jpgWith the qualification, Denner Souza will return to workWho also took advantage of the task force to solve the CNH process was the heavy machine operator Denner Souza. He went to Ciretran to find out the reason for not issuing the CNH and discovered that it was the non-registration of the course he took at a professional institution. “When attended, we discovered the problem and it was solved right here, so that the driver’s license can be released until the end of the task force, and I can go back to work. For me, coming here was essential for my work”, said the user.

The action in Parauapebas started the mutirão of the Polo de Marabá, which also includes the municipalities of Canaã dos Carajás, Curionópolis, Eldorado do Carajás, Itupiranga, São Geraldo do Araguaia, Rondon do Pará and Marabá. The task force has already taken place at the Redenção Pole, when around 900 licenses were delivered.



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