Event organized by Seciteci brings together scientists and the general public to discuss research carried out in MT

Event organized by Seciteci brings together scientists and the general public to discuss research carried out in MT
Event organized by Seciteci brings together scientists and the general public to discuss research carried out in MT

Popularize science through uncomplicated dialogue between researchers and the general public. That was the objective of the three days of Pint Of Science, in Cuiabá. Organized by the State Secretariat for Science, Technology and Innovation (Seciteci), the event took place between the 22nd, 23rd and 24th, bringing together nine researchers to present different scientific works carried out in Mato Grosso. In addition to the capital, the action also took place in 122 other Brazilian cities and in 22 different countries. Created in London in 2013, the festival arrived in Brazil in 2015 and in 2023 was voluntary organized by Seciteci.

The guest researcher, Prof. Dr. Katiuchia Pereira Takeuchi, discussed how science can collaborate to make food healthier. After presenting her research, supported and funded by the Mato Grosso State Research Support Foundation (Fapemat), the professor highlighted the importance of being able to disseminate the results beyond the walls of Universities.

“We are used to academic dissemination to peers, to academic staff, and here is really the challenge of trying to show science in an easy, cool way, and that really involves people who are not in the mood to have such technical. This event makes us leave the laboratory and think about how to communicate science and publicize what we have been doing”, said the researcher.

Also integrating the program, the Secretary of Science, Technology and Innovation, Allan Kardec, defended the possibility of establishing dialogues on Mato Grosso’s scientific production. For the secretary, the international event is directly connected with one of Seciteci’s main missions: the popularization of science.

“The Pint Of Science fits into Seciteci’s programs precisely in popularizing science. It means taking scientific production away from the academic walls, and from the papers presented in master’s and doctoral dissertations, and literally making it available to the population. An innovative way to talk about science, innovation, and research in pubs around the world; and Cuiabá then becomes a reference in this innovative way of talking about science in a bar, attracting the attention of this public”, said the secretary.

To carry out the event, Cervejaria LaCerva also volunteered and opened its space so that the event could take place, preserving its main feature: awakening interest in science from an open and informal dialogue between scientists and the general public.

The history of football in Mato Grosso, the geological formation stages of Chapada dos Guimarães, the development of business planning and quantum computing were some of the topics addressed at the event. Aspects about innovations in energy storage, the influence of social networks in history and the reinvention of artificial intelligence were also presented.

The diversity of subjects aroused in the audience the interest in finding out what other researches are still being developed in Mato Grosso. This was the case of São Paulo biologist Natalia Torello, who made Cuiabá her new home a little over a year ago.

“I really like this idea, I work with scientific dissemination, so I think this experience is sensational, both lecturing and participating/watching and getting to know other areas of science. These were topics that I had not yet participated in, had not discussed, did not know, so I enjoyed seeing that a little bit of everything was presented”, said the participant.

Before the closing of the event, the superintendent of Scientific, Technological and Innovation Development, Lecticia Figueiredo, announced the dates already established for the 2024 edition. Following in the footsteps of the international organization, the event will take place on the 12th, 13th and May 14, 2024.

“Bearing in mind that popularizing science is one of Seciteci’s missions, supporting this event achieves our goal of promoting scientific development and bringing this knowledge to the entire society of Mato Grosso”, concluded the superintendent.

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