Fasepa promotes lectures for social workers and socio-education pedagogues


Foundation for Socio-Educational Assistance of the State of Pará mobilized professionals who work with the application of socio-educational measures

Social worker, Adriane do Carmo at a Fasepa event in BelémThe Socio-Educational Service Foundation of the State of Pará (Fasepa) promoted last Wednesday (24)together with the institution’s team of social workers and pedagogues, a cycle of lectures with the participation of professionals working at Universidade Paulista (UNIP) and Fundação Papa João XXIII (Funpapa).

The event sought to provide reflection on professional ethics and the quality of services provided to socio-educational students, seeking interdisciplinarity with other knowledge and continuous improvement in the development of socio-educational practice.

The action, promoted by Fasepa’s People Management Center (NGP), took place in the auditorium of the Foundation’s administrative headquarters. The purpose of the cycle, in addition to honoring professionals with a special moment, also contributed to the training and qualification of technicians in the area who work in socio-educational units.

According to Fasepa, the intention is to achieve an alignment of actions that will result in a qualitative improvement in the service to socio-educational students, strengthening socio-educational work.

According to the NGP social worker, Jadson Quemel, the NGP’s work is to value the public servant. “Through partnerships, it was possible to add training to these categories that contribute so much to the mission of Fasepa and the public policy of socio-education”, he highlighted.

Text by Dani Valente / Ascom Fasepa



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