On Taxpayer Respect Day, Sefaz implements the ‘Atendimento Mais’ program

On Taxpayer Respect Day, Sefaz implements the ‘Atendimento Mais’ program
On Taxpayer Respect Day, Sefaz implements the ‘Atendimento Mais’ program

This Thursday (25), the National Day of Respect for Taxpayers, the Treasury Department (Sefaz) launches yet another important tool for improving the services provided by the State Revenue agency: “Atendimento Mais”. the country’s tax authorities, consists of carrying out post-service assistance to taxpayers who use the services of the physical and virtual branches of the Revenue Service and the Fale Conosco channel.

The Secretary of State for Finance, Marcelo Altoé, pointed out that the initiative is part of a set of actions that seek to improve the relationship between the Tax Authorities and society. “Gathering feedback from citizens aims to better understand their needs and, based on that, promote the necessary advances. Implementing a culture focused on listening to the citizen helps guide the future of the institution and strengthen trust in the public administration”, he highlighted.

According to Sefaz’s tax auditor and taxpayer service manager, Pedro Gomes de Sá Junior, the process will work through direct contact with citizens who have gone through one of the institution’s service channels. The choice will go through technical criteria prepared by the managers of the areas involved, in order to impart impartiality in the effectiveness.

“The ‘Atendimento Mais’ Program is an example of the continuous efforts of the State Revenue Service to bring efficiency to its operations”, observes the auditor. The implementation of the program involves the following steps: obtaining a diagnosis; evaluation of results; carrying out training for the team; and implementation of new practices.

Differential in management

The tax auditor and head of the Vitória State Revenue Agency, Natália Souza, reinforced that the active post-service modality, that is, the one in which it is the public agent who seeks out the citizen, works as a differential ingredient within public management .

“Taxpayers can express their opinion and, thus, we will identify our points of improvement in the day-to-day work, reducing the distance between what the body has been doing and what society wants”, pointed out Natália Souza.

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