Head of the Institute of International Finance predicts that Brazil will be the ‘Switzerland of Latin America’ | News


The foreign exchange expert and chief economist at the Institute of International Finance, a finance association known by the acronym IIF, robin brooksdrew attention this Thursday (25th) with yet another of his optimistic predictions regarding the Real.

Known for valuing the Brazilian currency in his statements and analyses, Brooks was quite forceful this time, pointing to a prosperous future for the country’s economy. According to the economist, “Brazil is on the way to becoming the Switzerland of Latin America.”

“A huge trade surplus is emerging, unlike any other country in the region,” he explained in a Twitter post.

With a graph comparing the monthly trade surplus for the month of April 2000 to 2021, in US$ billion, for Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico, the economist concluded: “This will give Brazil external stability and a strong currency, unlike rest of Latin America. Brazil will be the anchor of the region…”.

The post quickly went viral among the Brazilian public and divided opinions on the social network. “Hey what are you wearing? I’d like to try it on,” replied one profile.

“You may know a lot about economics, but you don’t seem to know anything about Brazil,” countered another user.

Former foreign exchange strategist at Goldman Sachs bank, Robin Brooks is German and studied at the London School of Economics, in the United Kingdom, and at Yale University, in the United States.

Nicknamed “bald Goldman”, Robin Brooks has already visited Brazil and does not hide his appreciation for the country. In one of his posts on Instagram, the economist listed Rio de Janeiro as one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

2 of 2 Economist Robin Brooks on one of his visits to Brazil — Photo: Instagram/Reproduction
Economist Robin Brooks on one of his visits to Brazil — Photo: Instagram/Reproduction


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