Invasion in Brasilia is not just a problem for Brazil, says Colombian president

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January 24, 2023, 21:19 -03

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‘There is an international problem, which are far-right groups’, Petro told BBC News Brasil

The president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, said this Tuesday (24/1) that the anti-democratic acts registered in Brasília on January 8 are not a problem restricted only to Brazil, but a phenomenon that happens on a global scale. He attributed the responsibility for the acts registered in Brazil to far-right groups.

“The problem is that it is not (a problem) only in Brazil. There is an international problem that are far-right groups, on a global and American scale, that broke with the democratic pact”, said Petro to BBC News Brasil after an interview press conference during the VII Meeting of Heads of State of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), held this Tuesday (1/24) in Buenos Aires.

Petro referred to the invasion of the headquarters of the Three Powers by Bolsonarist militants who were protesting against the electoral victory of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) when vandals entered the Planalto Palace, the National Congress and the Federal Supreme Court (STF) and destroyed furniture, equipment and damaged works of art.

Petro said that the groups that acted in Brazil are inspired by fascist leaders like Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini and that they act disrespecting the electoral results and taking direct action.

“They do not accept victories from their opponents and do not believe they should wait for elections. Instead, they want to overthrow governments, carry out coups of various kinds and move to violence and direct action as their inspirers proclaimed in the days of Hitler and Mussolini”, Petro said.

The Colombian president expressed concern about the possibility that acts like those that occurred in Brazil could happen in other countries.

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Colombian president says he is concerned about the possibility of violent acts like what happened in Brazil being repeated in other countries

“They can happen anywhere. This is a line of conduct that has been taught by international ideologues. Ideologues in quotation marks because, in reality, they are criminals who have a format of this style for several Latin American countries”, said the president.

Petro was not the only president to participate in Celac who disapproved of the acts that took place in Brazil.

During his speech at the event, President Alberto Fernández classified the episode as “madness”.

“We saw, days ago, when madness invaded the streets of Brasilia, shortly after President Lula took office,” said Fernández.

Lula has been in Buenos Aires since Sunday (1/22) on his first international trip since assuming the Presidency of the Republic in his third term, at the beginning of the year.

In addition to participating in CELAC, Lula had bilateral meetings with presidents Alberto Fernández and Miguel Díaz-Canel, from Cuba.

After the president’s meeting with the Cuban leader, the former foreign minister and current special advisor to Lula, Celso Amorim, told journalists that the issue of human rights on the island was not addressed during the meeting.

“Not directly. We didn’t make any reprimands, it’s not Brazil’s role to be reprimanding,” he said, asked by the BBC News Brasil report.

On Wednesday (1/25), Lula will travel to Montevideo for a meeting with the country’s president, Luis Alberto Lacalle Pou, and with former president José Mujica.

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