After exhaustion, Zema confirms presence at Lula’s meeting with governors – Politics

After exhaustion, Zema confirms presence at Lula’s meeting with governors – Politics
After exhaustion, Zema confirms presence at Lula’s meeting with governors – Politics
Zema (photo) will participate in the forum between state governors and Lula (photo: Ramon Lisboa/EM/DA Press)

President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) and Minas Gerais governor Romeu Zema (Novo) have a confirmed meeting on Friday morning (1/27), in Brasília (DF). This Tuesday (1/24), Zema’s team informed the State of Minas, that he will participate in the meeting called by Lula to hear, from the governors, the three federal projects considered priorities for each unit of the federation. Zema will talk to Lula less than two weeks after suggesting that the federal government “turn a blind eye” to the coup movement who took over the buildings of the Three Powers on the 8th of this month. The speech generated public reactions from ministers of the PT government, such as Flvio Dino, from Justice, and Alexandre Silveira, from Mines and Energy.

The government does not confirm the agenda that Zema intends to take to the meeting, scheduled to take place at the Planalto Palace. Despite this, in November last year, the State Secretariat for Infrastructure and Mobility (Seinfra) sent a document to the transition office that compiled the guidelines considered essential for Minas.

In the dossi assembled by Seinfra, there were themes such as the defense of the concession, private initiative, of a stretch of the BR-381 – between Belo Horizonte and Governador Valadares. Sales of Belo Horizonte metro and Minas Gerais Supply Centers S/A (CeasaMinas). Support for regional airports in the state was also claimed.

Public crisis between Zema and ministers

The day after the terrorist acts in the federal capital, Zema went to Brasilia to attend a meeting with Lula and other heads of state executives. The meeting symbolized an act in defense of democracy and repudiation of unconstitutional requests for military intervention. Last week, however, the governor of Minas Gerais raised the hypothesis of condescension of the federal authorities with the extremists who destroyed the Planalto, the National Congress and the headquarters of the Federal Supreme Court (STF).

“It seems to me that there was an error on the part of the radical right, which is a minority. There was also an error, perhaps even deliberate, on the part of the federal government, which turned a blind eye so that the worst would happen and it would later become the victim. It’s an assumption. But the investigations will show if that was it”, he said, in an interview with “Rdio Gacha”.

Condemning Zema’s position, Alexandre Silveira, from Minas Gerais, classified the statement as “absurd” and “terrifying”. “This stance does nothing to help determine criminal facts or the peace expected of the country. On the contrary, it invents absurd theories. The criminal actions of extremists in anti-democratic acts are inadmissible and should be punished with the rigor of the law”, snapped.

Dino, in turn, compared the Novo politician to former president Jair Bolsonaro (PL). The statement generated reactions.

“It amazes me that Governor Zema tries to wear Bolsonaro’s clothes. It doesn’t fit him. He needs to have some sincere friend who tells him… .. So it is not possible for a vile governor to align himself with the extreme right to protect terrorists

campaign promise meeting

Since before the first electoral round, Lula had been talking about the idea of ​​promoting a forum with all the governors. According to him, the idea is to discuss “the interests of each state”.

“I don’t want to know which party the governor is from. The only thing that interests me is knowing that he was elected. And, if he was elected, I have to respect him, in the same way that I want them to respect me, because I was elected”, he pointed out. .

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