Unio Brasil and Podemos support Lira; president forwards re-election to the Chamber – Politica

Unio Brasil and Podemos support Lira; president forwards re-election to the Chamber – Politica
Unio Brasil and Podemos support Lira; president forwards re-election to the Chamber – Politica
With the support of Podemos and Unio Brasil, Arthur Lira (PP-AL) is re-elected for the presidency of the Chamber of Deputies (photo: Gabriela Bil/Folhapress)

The benches of União Brasil and Podemos decided this Wednesday (23) to support the re-election of Arthur Lira (PP-AL) as president of the Chamber.

With the support of the parties, the mayor is forwarding his reappointment to the main office of the House in 2023. On Tuesday (22), the Republicans approved the pro-Lira position, and the PDT announced a preference indication for the deputy from Alagoas.

União Brasil and Podemos will have, together, 77 deputies in the next legislature. The election will be on February 1st.

Unio Brasil’s position was decided in a meeting between parliamentarians in the party’s leadership office. Due to internal differences, not all deputies participated in the meeting, according to reported reports.

The president of União Brasil, Luciano Bivar (PE), tried to postpone this Wednesday’s meeting, arguing that there was “inconclusive information”. However, the leader of the party in the Chamber, Elmar Nascimento (BA), resisted and decided to keep the meeting for 11 am.

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Before the second round of elections, Bivar had already revealed to allies his interest in running for the presidency of the Chamber. The presidential candidacy, however, ended up suffocated by the articulation of Arthur Lira, who received support from parties from the left to the right.

The meeting was scheduled to take place in a plenary of the Chamber. The Legislative Police even limited public access to guarantee the privacy of the meeting, but the deputies changed the location after the internal maneuvers.

With the support of Lira, União Brasil should also form part of a bloc in the House to guarantee the presidency of the main committees of the House.

The party is still internally discussing the possibility of forming a federation with the PP from 2023 – which, in practice, could set up a super-branch of at least 120 deputies.

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Unio Brasil emerged from the merger between the DEM and the PSL, the former party of President Jair Bolsonaro. From the beginning of the articulations, the differences between the two wings of the new party generated public friction – as in the case of the affiliation of former judge and senator-elect Sergio Moro (PR).

In addition to the four parties that announced support for Lira, other acronyms have already signaled to the mayor that they will adhere to the Alagoan deputy’s re-election project.

The PSD communicated to Lira that the new party bench, with 42 deputies, would vote heavily for the reappointment in the presidency. A wing of the MDB also indicated a preference for re-election. The PL should announce its support in the coming days.

Arthur Lira has been moving behind the scenes to try to be re-elected as president of the Chamber. In parallel, the center and right-wing allied parties have been negotiating the creation of a bloc in the next legislature, to guarantee the presidency of the main committees to the acronyms.

The assessment of the House summit is that the deputy from Alagoas is the only strong competitor at the moment and has the victory on the way.

PT parliamentarians are resigned to the possible victory of Lira and are discussing supporting the deputy’s re-election, so as not to create indisposition between the mayor and the future PT government.

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