National Internal Affairs carries out technical-institutional visits to the MPs of Santa Catarina and Minas Gerais

Published on 10/3/22 at 7:17 pm.

In the period between September 26th and 30th, the National Corregedoria carried out technical-institutional visits to the Public Ministry of the State of Santa Catarina (MP/SC) and the State of Minas Gerais (MP/MG), with the objective of getting to know the good practices of these institutions.

For the National Inspector of the Public Ministry, Counselor Oswaldo D’Albuquerque, knowing and disseminating good institutional practices among the branches and units of the Brazilian Public Prosecutor’s Office is one of the ways of promoting problem-solving capacity, the theme of the next corrections to be carried out by the National Internal Affairs, from of the 4th of October. Oswaldo D’Albuquerque also said that his administration excels in “knowing good practices, replicating them and verifying their impact on social reality.”

Santa Catarina

On the 26th and 27th of September, Monday and Tuesday, the National Inspector of the Public Ministry and a team of members and servants of the National Corregedoria got to know projects developed by the Public Ministry of Santa Catarina (MP/SC).

The attorney general of the MP from Santa Catarina, Fernando Comin, said that the Institution would take advantage of these days to “exchange experiences on problem-solving management, improve our work and reflect together on this MP model under construction”.

On the other hand, the General Inspector of the Organ, Fábio Strecker Schmitt, said he was happy with the visit of the National Internal Affairs “which, when wanting to implement the routine of problem solving, casts its eyes on the MP from Santa Catarina.”

The MP/SC presented good practices in the following areas: education; confronting domestic and family violence against women based on gender; confronting the crimes of racism and intolerance; environment and sustainability; transparency and citizenship; innovation; management, creation and redistribution of prosecutors’ offices; virtual notary; assistance to crime victims; anti-corruption group; delegation of criminal attributions by the Attorney General of Justice.

The National Internal Affairs team also got to know the facilities of the General Internal Affairs Office of the MP/SC, at which the national internal affairs officer and the general internal affairs officer discussed the importance of disseminating good institutional practices among the branches and units of the Brazilian MP.

Minas Gerais

color bhThe Public Ministry of the State of Minas Gerais (MP/MG) received the technical-institutional visit from the National Internal Affairs on September 29 and 30 (Thursday and Friday).

The national delegation got to know the structure of Parquet in Minas, especially the Center for Self-Composition of Conflicts (COMPOR); the Anti-Corruption and Organized Crime Unit (UCC); the Security and Intelligence Office (GSI), where the Archangel Program and the State Coordination for Combating Cyber ​​Crimes – COECIBER were presented; the Online Prosecutor’s Office, from the Information Technology Superintendence (STI); the actions of the Attorney General’s Office with Performance in the Superior Courts (PJTS); the Institutional Planning Coordination (COPLI); the Arriving Together and Monitoring of Urgent Protective Measures projects, by the Ministry of Justice for the Defense of Combating Domestic and Family Violence against Women in Belo Horizonte (CAOVD).

The Attorney General of Justice of the MP/MG, Jarbas Soares Júnior, highlighted the importance of the National Internal Affairs Office knowing the good practices of the ministerial units and seeking to replicate them for the other branches and units of the Brazilian MP.

The Inspector General of the MP/MG, Marco Antonio Bezerra, praised the work of interaction and sharing of ideas that has been developed in the National Corregedoria.

Oswaldo D’Albuquerque reaffirmed the importance of respect for the principle of Institutional Unity, dialogue and the promotion of problem-solving capabilities for the development of the activities of the Brazilian Public Prosecutor’s Office, emphasizing that it is necessary to encourage an increasingly more resolute action in the Public Ministry, especially “with regard to to the solution of conflicts and problems of society”.

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