PMs shoot young man who killed wheelchair user at Bahia school

PMs shoot young man who killed wheelchair user at Bahia school
PMs shoot young man who killed wheelchair user at Bahia school

posted on 09/30/2022 03:55

(Credit: City Hall of Barreiras / Publicity)

Two police officers who were in the vicinity of Colégio Municipal Eurides Sant’Anna, in Barreiras, western Bahia, were responsible for shooting the 14-year-old who killed a colleague in a wheelchair during an attack on the educational institution. The boy remains hospitalized.

According to the delegate responsible for the case, Rivaldo Luz, the soldiers are not employees of the school, which is civil-military, and were in plain clothes at the time of the attack. They told police that they entered the institution after hearing the students’ cries of despair and the sound of gunfire.

Also according to the testimony of the PMs, in the courtyard they saw the boy with a 38 caliber revolver and aiming at a student. The artifact belonged to his father, a retired sergeant. The shooter reportedly ignored the military’s warning to drop the weapon and then shot at the pair, who retaliated.

One of the PMs is a relative of a student enrolled at the school and the other lives in the vicinity of the school. Both reported to the police. The teenager, hit by two shots, is hospitalized at the Hospital Geral do Oeste, in Barreiras.

Until last Wednesday, his health status was considered stable and the delegate says he is waiting for an improvement to question him. As soon as he is discharged, the shooter will be taken to Salvador, where he will stay in a unit for young offenders.


The Bahia Civil Police received information from investigators in Espírito Santo that the teenager had exchanged messages with an 18-year-old boy, who also invaded the school where he studied, armed with arrows and knives. The suspicion is that the two were part of an online group dedicated to hateful practices. The investigation points out that the young man in Bahia saw his fellow capixaba as a kind of “guru”.

The shooter’s family told police that he spent a lot of time on social media and did not control what was accessed by the young man. It was through a fake Twitter profile that he announced the attack hours earlier. Also on this social network, the boy left messages of hate against his Bahia colleagues. The shooter is from the Federal District and would not be dealing well with the fact that he moved to Bahia earlier this year.

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