Music at the Museum turns 25 and is Rio’s Intangible Cultural Heritage

Music at the Museum turns 25 and is Rio’s Intangible Cultural Heritage
Music at the Museum turns 25 and is Rio’s Intangible Cultural Heritage

Declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Rio de Janeiro this month, when it completes 25 years of creation, the Music at the Museum project paid tribute today (23) to the Bicentennial of Independence with a recital by guitarist Raphael dos Santos at the Museum of Life, of the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz), in Manguinhos, north of the city. In the recital, which continued this year’s program, Brazilian and international songs were presented.

The Music at the Museum project received the title of Intangible Cultural Heritage from the City Council of Rio de Janeiro for being considered by Rank Brasil, the Brazilian version of the Guinness Book, the largest series of classical music in the country, gathering an audience of over 1 million people who attend the free concerts.

The proposal by councilors Chico Alencar, Carlos Caiado and Átila Nunes highlighted that, with its programming from north to south of Brazil, the project encourages the participation of young talents and the emergence of social inclusion initiatives in communities through music.

The councilors emphasize that the event renews the classical music scene, by holding concerts from January to December, without interruption, and recall that, with the Young Musicians contest, it has already taken nine musicians to master’s and doctorate courses at the century-old James Madison University, in the state of Virginia, United States.

For the project’s director, Sérgio da Costa e Silva, the initiative “is a gift and a very gratifying surprise, which few entities have. “Now we are part, alongside the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra (OSB), of this gallantry”, he said.


This Saturday (24), at 6 pm, at Palácio São Clemente – Consulate of Portugal, in Botafogo, pianists Adriana Kellner, Cecilia Guimaraes, Fernanda Cruz, Maria Helena de Andrade participate in the Independence Sarau.

The season will end next week with two more events. On the 27th, at 6 pm, at the Army Museum – Copacabana Fort, on Avenida Atlântica, Newton Nazareth will present a lecture with audiovisual on Music in the Empire of Brazil.

On the following day (28), at 12:30, at the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil do Rio de Janeiro (CCBB RJ), in the central region of the city, Fernanda Cruz will perform at the piano, interpreting As Estações, which are 12 piano pieces by the composer Russian Piotr Ilitch Tchaikowsky.


The Bicentennial of Independence continues to be celebrated abroad, with concerts in Portugal. on the 26th, at Fundação Pedro IV, in Extremoz; and on the 28th, at Teatro Bernardim Ribeiro.

On the 29th, in Vienna, the Austrian capital, there will be a presentation by the trio formed by Harold Emert, on the oboe; Aleida Schweitzer, on piano; and Richard Meek on bassoon.

Música no Museu now expands to another country, Slovenia. On October 7th, pianist Felipe Naim will perform at ArtCircle Slovenia for the series Música no Museu Internacional.


Throughout its trajectory, which began in 1997, the Music at the Museum project received 30 national and international awards, including: the Order of Cultural Merit, Golfinho de Ouro, Ordem do Mérito Carioca, IAB Urbanidades, Mérito da Justiça and the Heloneida Studart Award granted by the Legislative Assembly (Alerj).

Among the international awards, the Viva Culture, from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco) stands out. the Latin American Quality Awards, in Buenos Aires, the Cultura Viva, in Madrid, and the Excellence in Culture, in Lisbon.

The farewell from the stage of the greatest Brazilian harpsichordist, Roberto de Regina, 95 years old, marked the Museum Music initiative – 200 Years of Independence. The concert opened the project at the theater of the Academia Brasileira de Letras (ABL), in downtown Rio, on September 3, and brought together 200 guests.

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