Flamengo fan’s body shot by PM will be buried this Saturday | Rio de Janeiro

Flamengo fan’s body shot by PM will be buried this Saturday | Rio de Janeiro
Flamengo fan’s body shot by PM will be buried this Saturday | Rio de Janeiro

Raphael Montovaneli was shot in the head with a rifle during a Military Police blitz in the North ZoneSocial network

Rio – The body of Raphael Montovaneli, 40, will be buried this Saturday afternoon (24), at 3 pm, at Catumbi Cemetery, in the Central Region of Rio. The radiology technician was brain dead after being shot in the head by a military police officer while returning from a Flamengo game.

Raphael had been hospitalized since the early hours of last Monday (23) at the Hospital Federal do Andaraí, which confirmed his death on Thursday afternoon (22), after carrying out the protocols. Before that, family members of the victim had already used social media to communicate about the death.

The technician’s family opted for the donation of Raphael’s organs and, according to Geraldo Rodrigues, the victim’s uncle, the entire procedure was carried out on Thursday. After that, the body was sent to the Legal Medical Institute (IML), where it will undergo an autopsy.

For the uncle, the boy’s choice of organ donation represents the profile of the victim while he was still alive.

“Raphael was a very supportive guy, happy with life. He had a great social commitment. He participated in solidarity campaigns. Like our whole family, he was totally detached from anything and that’s the reason for the agreement to donate organs, on the part of the family. He would certainly also agree to be able to help someone and still know that he would be bringing joy to many homes”, he said.

Also on social media, relatives of the victim commented on the donation after the death was confirmed.

“God knows what he does, of the four members of the car, you were chosen to save several lives, because we donated all your organs! I will love you forever my beloved nephew”, he said under strong emotion.

Nicknamed Rico, he left a wife who was eight months pregnant. According to the victim’s uncle, the baby, who will be named Maia, should be born in two weeks. Raphael is a former president of Flamengo’s Urubuzada fans. On social media, members of the organization paid tribute to the man.

Military police officer Márcio Felipe dos Santos Ribeiro, 35, of the 3rd BPM (Méier), who was arrested in flagrante delicto for attempted murder, had his arrest converted into preventive custody by the Justice last Tuesday (20). He is suspected of shooting the radiology technician in the head on Rua Souza Dantas, on the access to Avenida Marechal Rondon, in Engenho Novo, in the North Zone.

In the decision, the judge pointed out that the witnesses, including the driver of the targeted vehicle, did not notice any signs of a police checkpoint or stop order by the agents. In addition, another PM who was on the approach stated that they did not see firearms in the car or signs of shots fired from inside the car.

Raphael’s wake will start at 9 am, in Chapel C of the Catumbi Cemetery.

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