Semob-JP prepares traffic scheme to attend the Brazil Paracycling Cup and other events

The Executive Superintendence of Urban Mobility (Semob-JP) will carry out, this Saturday (24) and Sunday (25), the operational support of the Copa Brasil de Paraciclismo and other events in the neighborhoods of the Capital.

“All events are requested in advance by letter, so that we can plan and attend in the best possible way with the objective of providing participants with road safety and guaranteeing the fluidity of vehicles on the roads of the Capital”, highlighted the Mobility Superintendent. Urbana, Expedito Leite Filho.

Brazil Paracycling Cup – It will be held, this Saturday (24) and Sunday (25), from 6 am to 12 pm, with total traffic blocking. For those who are in Seixas and want to go to Cabo Branco, the detour will be through Avenida Hilton Souto Maior, Quadramares, Timbô and in the opposite direction, follow the same route. An arena will be located in the Linear Park of Cabo Branco Station.

Citizen Access Project – With the support of a team to assist in traffic, the event will take place on Saturday (24), from 8 am to 12 pm, on the edge of Cabo Branco, in front of the Search and Rescue Battalion of Firefighters.

civic parades – On Sunday (25), from 6 am to 12 pm, a team of mobility agents will be available for the civic parade that will take place at Avelina dos Santos and Inspectora Emilia Mendonça Gomes streets, at Valentina de Figueiredo. Also on Sunday, in Bairro dos Ipês, the civic parade will take place on Oswaldo Evaristo da Costa and Mariano Barbosa streets, from 4 pm to 6 pm.

procession – The procession of São Francisco das Chargas Parish will take place this Sunday at 5 pm, with concentration on Rua Souza Rangel until the intersection with 2 de Fevereiro, arriving at the parish church São Francisco das Chargas, in Varjão.

Pedal for Life – The cycling tour will take place this Sunday (25), departing at 7:30 am, from Praça da Independência towards Largo de Tambaú, with traffic agents acting in the patrolling and safety of the participants.

reels – The Santa Terezinha Parish motorcade starts at 3:30 pm, circulating in several streets of the Roger neighborhood community, where it will be accompanied by Semob-JP scouts. And, finally, the III Biblical Carreata da Paróquia Nossa Senhora da Conceição, at 15:30, following the following route: Rua Comerciante Antônio Medeiros Sobral, Rua Joaquim Monteiro da Franca, following Perimetral Sul, Rua do Jabre and Colinas do Sul rotator , where the Holy Mass will be held. Being these motorcades happening on Sunday (25).

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