Santa Catarina’s summer crop should reach 6.6 million t

Santa Catarina released this week the estimate for its newest summer crop. The forecast is to reap 6.63 million tons of grains in a total area of ​​1 million and 45 thousand hectares. For rural producers, the expectation is for better prices for corn and soybeans.

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In the case of corn, the planted area is 320 thousand hectares, 1.5% less in relation to last season, when 326 thousand hectares were sown. The harvested volume should be greater, 2 million 724 thousand tons, up 49% compared to the frustrated harvest of the 21/22 cycle, which reached 1.829 million tons.

Soybean extension had a slight increase of 1%, from 710 thousand hectares to 715 thousand. The people of Santa Catarina expect to harvest 2 million and 600 thousand tons of the grain, which represents an increase of 28% in relation to the previous cycle, which closed at 2 million and 25 thousand tons. The expectation of the Federation of Agriculture and Livestock of Santa Catarina (faesc) for this cycle is one of recovery and profitability for the rural producer to balance the budget.

“In the past season, we planted at a low cost and harvested at a high cost. So, the little that was harvested paid the bill, but today we are living in a period of soybeans, when prices are at the levels of a year ago, an inflation that we had of cost around at least 60%, you would have to have soybeans above R$ 200.00 compared to last year to be able to cope”, says Enori Barbieri, vice president of Faesc. “We have a need to harvest around 60 bags per hectare, from 50 to 60 bags per hectare of soybeans”, he continues.

Producer expectations in Santa Catarina

Valter Campanato/Agência Brasil

On a property in Xanxerê, in western Santa Catarina, the corn area was reduced by about 10%. This is because of the impact caused by the spittlebug in recent seasons. Even so, rural producer Vicente Moschetta Bortoluzzi made high investments for the summer crop of the cereal.

“We are starting the harvest with high expectations, of high investment. A producer who stayed in corn is a high-investment producer, so you know, that medium-investment producer with a low investment practically left the corn crop. So, whoever insists on the cultivation of corn is the most technified producer, they are areas of high fertility and high investment”, points out the farmer.

Company assesses the situation of corn in SC

Corn. Photo: Jonas Oliveira/AEN

For the Agricultural Research and Rural Extension Company of Santa Catarina (epagri), the narrowing of the corn area is worrying, since the State is increasingly dependent on imports from Paraguay to supply the animal protein production system. The sector consumes 7.5 million tons of cereal, and the production within the country is two million and 700 thousand tons. With the rise in exports, the entity also highlights the expectation for price increases until the harvest of the first crop, next year.

“Farmers really expect a better price, they are planting in an apprehensive condition, with an increase in production costs, and prices have dropped a little since the beginning of the year”, says Haroldo Tavares Elias, research analyst at Epagri. “And the futures market price is already indicating that too, it is indicating a price increase. With high exports, the increase in consumption in Brazil for the production of ethanol, which has been increasing systematically.”

grains - santa catarina - summer crop

Photo: Luiz Henrique Magnante/Embrapa

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