Pernambuco celebrates participation in Abav Expo 2022

PANROTAS / Emerson Souza

Milu Megale, Secretary of Tourism and Leisure of Pernambuco

With technological resources and spaces celebrating the attractions and culture of the State, Pernambuco welcomed the participants of Abav Expo 2022 in a 200 square meter stand right at the main entrance of the Pernambuco Convention Center, in Olinda. The event is coming to an end and, for the Secretary of Tourism of the State, Milu Megale, the balance was more than positive.

“Abav Expo is the great event of national tourism and this year it comes even more strongly, after the difficult period experienced by the industry, in the pandemic. Undoubtedly, being able to host Abav, after two decades of the last fair in the state, is a very important achievement, which crowns these four years of management, in which Tourism was consolidated, despite all adversities. Our interiorization program, Bora Pernambucar, managed to place the interior of the State in the showcase of travel agencies, and was responsible for keeping State Tourism running when national and international left the scene. We are very happy with Abav here”, celebrated Milu Megale.

Pernambuco has set up a mega-stand in the Cecon pavilion: 200 square meters are intended to welcome visitors and also house the local trade and municipalities so that they can sell their services and destinations. Decorated with icons created by graphic artist Joana Lira, it was designed by architect Ana Maria Pedroza, responsible for Fenearte’s spaces. Benches for displaying promotional material, a lounge and a meeting room make up the space.

Pernambuco passport in giant size, with LED screen, is one of the technological innovations present at the stand. It allows the user to “flip through” the passport, navigating through pages filled with information about the State’s destinations. Another highlight is the table for business meetings. In the format of a map of Pernambuco, she receives short projections at the beginning of the meetings with information about destinations.

But the highlight of the space is at the top of the stand. Through the resource of anamorphic illusion, caboclos de lance, dancers and other characters and icons of Pernambuco culture “come out” of LED screens available at the top of the stand. “We brought state-of-the-art equipment. We can say that this is the most technological stand we have set up to publicize the State”, highlighted the Marketing director at Empetur, Yane Claudino.

PANROTAS / Emerson Souza

Pernambuco mega stand is at the entrance of the event

THE Pernambuco gastronomy, one of the main assets to attract visitors, is also present in the space. On the three days of the fair, there will be a happy hour with food prepared by chefs Biba Fernandes (from Chiwake and Chicama restaurants), Carmen Virgínia (from Altar restaurant and GNT presenter) and Giovanna Nacarato (former Mestre do Sabor, from Globo). Chef Joca Pontes (Villa and Ponte Nova) signs the consultancy for the action.

Pernambuco’s presence is not limited to the giant stand. Using the concept of photo opportunity, four scenarios will be made available at different points of the fair so that the Abav Expo participant can take pictures, using objects that refer to the experiences lived in the State. On all the official screens of the event, films will also be shown promoting the main destinations in Pernambuco.


The Pernambuco Department of Tourism and Empetur carried out research to identify the impact of the event for the State. The first was released on Wednesday (21) and revealed that the average occupation of the State in the week of the event reached 90%, considering Recife, Olinda and Jaboatão dos Guararapes. According to the study, Olinda and Recife tie in the index with 92% of beds occupied. In both cities, the average stay is three days.

In addition to a study on the hotel industry, the bodies interviewed about 600 participants of Abav Expo 2022 to assess the feeling regarding the event in Pernambuco. Check out some of the data collected below.

  • 87% of participants have Abav Expo 2022 as the main reason for visiting Pernambuco;
  • 53% chose to participate in Abav Expo 2022 because it is held in Pernambuco;
  • 71% of the participants stayed in Recife;
  • 97% want to return to their destination at another time;
  • 73% of the participants traveled to Pernambuco via a travel agency;
  • 57% arrived in the state by plane;
  • 48% extended their stay in Pernambuco to enjoy the destination.

Check out more photos of the Pernambuco stand at Abav Expo 2022 below.

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