TRE seizes 42 flags in Rio in Recife for irregular electoral propaganda | 2022 Elections in Pernambuco

TRE seizes 42 flags in Rio in Recife for irregular electoral propaganda | 2022 Elections in Pernambuco
TRE seizes 42 flags in Rio in Recife for irregular electoral propaganda | 2022 Elections in Pernambuco

The Regional Electoral Court of Pernambuco (TRE-PE) seized 42 flags that were in the Capibaribe River, in the Pina Basin, in the South Zone of Recife, because of irregular electoral propaganda. The seizure was carried out in conjunction with the Military Police and the Fire Department on Thursday afternoon (22).

According to the TRE, the court has been making daily seizures of materials of this type, but it was the first held in a river during this year’s election campaign.

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Both the flags and bamboo poles were on floating bases and boats scattered in the river. According to the court, the material seized belonged to the campaigns of Danilo Cabral (PSB) and Marília Arraes (Solidariedade), candidates for the government of Pernambuco.

O g1 contacted the offices of the two candidates, but did not receive a response until the last update of this report.

The material was collected by the TRE Propaganda Inspection Commission. According to the legislation, rivers and seas are also considered public spaces of common use, being prohibited the permanence of this type of advertisement in these places.

  • TRE seizes 170 concrete bases for flags

The electoral legislation also does not allow the placement of advertising of any kind on trees and gardens located in public areas, in addition to places such as walls, fences and dividing walls.

The inspection of the court can also remove materials that disturb public peace or that harm hygiene and urban aesthetics, in addition to prohibiting vehicles from abusing the sound volume.

According to the TRE, when faced with a problem related to the electoral campaign, anyone must take a photo, record a video or audio and, through the Pardal app, send the evidence to the Electoral Justice. The application can be downloaded on mobile phones with Android and iOS systems.

In addition to elements that indicate the existence of the denounced fact, the name and CPF of the person who denounced must be included. All complaints are treated as confidential by the system, ensuring the confidentiality of the identity of the complainant.

Until 10:20 am this Friday (23), Pardal had received a total of 2,614 reports of irregular advertising in Pernambuco, 978 of them in Recife. Most complaints are about placing flags in inappropriate places, disturbing pedestrians.

On August 29, TRE collected, in Recife, 170 concrete bases used to fix flags with electoral propaganda. The material was abandoned on sidewalks, hampering the flow of pedestrians.

The arrests took place on August 28. According to the TRE, of this total, 100 cement bases were collected at various points on Avenida Abdias de Carvalho, in the West Zone of Recife.

Earlier, on August 18, another 50 concrete bases with flags affixed with electoral propaganda were collected. According to the court, the materials were abandoned in Praça da Chesf, in the San Martin neighborhood, in the West Zone of Recife.

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