DF Justice orders articles about Bolsonaro family properties to be deleted

Judge Demétrius Gomes Cavalcanti, of the Federal District Court of Justice (TJDFT), ordered the news portal UOL to delete two articles about the alleged purchase of real estate by members of the family of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) with cash.

The injunction, which is under judicial secrecy, responds to a request from Senator Flávio Bolsonaro (PL-RJ), the president’s son, also mentioned in journalistic articles.

Demétrius based himself on the argument used by the congressman’s defense, claiming that the report, when producing the articles, used as a source an investigation that was annulled by the Superior Court of Justice (STJ).

“Such matters were published when it was already known that the investigation had been annulled, which reflects that the Respondents had exceeded their right to freely inform. One, because they obtained some confidential information contained in a criminal investigation that was annulled, and, two, because they linked facts (purchase of real estate with cash), whose disclosure is legitimate to them, to assumptions (the money had illicit origin) not submitted to the scrutiny of the Judiciary, at least, so far”, said part of the decision.

On Twitter, Flávio linked the press and journalists to former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), who is President Bolsonaro’s main opponent in the elections.

“Justice understands that lulistas from Uol invented a lying and criminal plot about real estate to attack Bolsonaro in the election,” he wrote.

See the tweet:

The press channel said it will comply with the magistrate’s preliminary decision, but will appeal.

“The decision [do TJDFT] violates precedents established in the Brazilian legal system and intends to remove from public debate, on the eve of the election, relevant information about the assets of public agents”, pointed out the portal’s lawyer, Mônica Filgueiras Galvão.

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****Photo-flavio-bolsonaro (1)

Flávio Nantes Bolsonaro, born in 1981, is a Brazilian lawyer, businessman and politician. Born in Resende, Rio de Janeiro, he was elected state senator in 2018MATTHEW BONOMI / AGIF

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Also known as 01 — for being the eldest –, Flávio is married to dentist Fernanda Antunes, with whom he has two daughters, Luiza and Carolina. Before his federal career, he was state deputy for four terms.Rafaela Felicciano / Metropolis

****Photo-flavio-bolsonaro (3)

Like other members of the Bolsonaro clan, Flávio is also known for controversial speeches. He has even been accused of homophobia for phrases such as: “I doubt that any parent is proud to have a gay child” and that “it is normal to be heterosexual”Rafaela Felicciano / Metropolis

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****Photo-flavio-bolsonaro (4)

In 2018, the Federal Police were investigating cases of corruption within the Legislative Assembly of Rio de Janeiro (Alerj) when they discovered evidence of a “crack” inside Flávio Bolsonaro’s office. Reports pointed to suspicious movements of parliamentarians and servants of the Legislative House. One of them was Fabricio QueirozReproduction / Social networks

****Photo-flavio-bolsonaro (5)

At the time, the MPRJ discovered, through a breach of secrecy, that Queiroz moved millions in money with the involvement of advisors linked to the office of the president’s eldest son. As a result, Queiroz and Flávio became suspected of organizing the scheme. The investigation, however, was shelvedRafaela Felicciano / Metropolis

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*****Photo-carlos-bolsonaro (1)

Carlos Nantes Bolsonaro, born in 1982, also known as 02, is a Brazilian politician trained in aeronautical sciences. Born in Resende, Rio de Janeiro, he is serving his 6th term as councilorSocial Networks / Reproduction

****Photo-carlos-bolsonaro (2)

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*****Photo-carlos-bolsonaro (3)

Over the years, he has been involved in numerous “online” fights. In one of them, after General Santos Cruz, former minister of the Secretariat of Government, stated that there are digital militias on social networks. With the attacks, Santa Cruz even published a print insinuating that the president’s social networks are, in fact, commanded by Carlos.Alan Santos/President of the Republic

****Photo-carlos-bolsonaro (4)

After Santos Cruz’s dismissal, Carlos Bolsonaro began to attack Vice President Hamilton Mourão. On Twitter, he called Mourão a “traitor”, “a darling of the press” and insinuated that he wanted to take the place of the chief executive.Disclosure / City Council of Rio de Janeiro

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****Photo-carlos-bolsonaro (5)

In September 2019, the politician was harshly criticized for stating that “by democratic means, the desired changes would not happen at the desired speed”. In the same year, he was accused of interfering in the investigations of the Marielle Franco case.reproduction

****Photo-carlos-bolsonaro (6)

In 2021, the TJRJ allowed Carlos Bolsonaro’s bank secrecy to be broken in the investigation that investigates the hiring of phantom employees in the councilor’s office at the City Council.Igo Estrela / Metropolis

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****Photo-eduardo-bolsonaro (1)

Eduardo Nantes Bolsonaro, born in 1984, is a Brazilian police officer, lawyer and politician. Born in Rio de Janeiro, he currently holds the position of federal deputy for São PauloIgo Estrela / Metropolis

****Photo-eduardo-bolsonaro (2)

Also known as 03, for being Bolsonaro’s third child, Eduardo is married to Heloísa Wolf, with whom he has little Georgia Bolsonaro. Following in his father’s footsteps, he is known for controversial speeches and for supporting controversial topics, such as lowering the age of criminal responsibility and legalizing gun ownership, for example.Rafaela Felicciano / Metropolis

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****Photo-eduardo-bolsonaro (5)

In 2018, he was denounced by the PGR to the STF for threatening journalist Patrícia Lelis. The following year, Eduardo and President Jair Bolsonaro used social media to criticize an article in Época magazine and encourage attacks on journalists.Paulo Sergio/Agência Câmara

*****Photo-eduardo-bolsonaro (6)

In early 2022, the politician published a social media post associating the appearance of a crater on Marginal Tietê, in São Paulo, with the hiring of women to work on the transport project.André Borges/Metropolis

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****Photo-eduardo-bolsonaro (4)

In April of the same year, he mocked the torture that journalist Miriam Leitão suffered during the military dictatorship. In addition, he was accused by the PT, PDT, PSB and Psol of disrespecting women parliamentariansHugo Barreto / Metropolis

Jair Renan, Bolsonaro's number 4 son. He has black hair and beard - Metropolis*****Photo-jair-renan

Jair Renan, born in 1998, is Bolsonaro’s son with one of his ex-wife, Ana Cristina Siqueira Valle. Also known as 04, he is the fourth of the five descendants of the current president of the Republic.Matheus Portugal/Jota Studio

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Jair Renan, Bolsonaro's number 4 son. He has black hair and beard - Metropolis*****Photo-jair-renan

Like the rest of the family, Jair Renan also collects controversies. One of them is even related to the company he owns, Bolsonaro Jr Eventos e Mídia, investigated for alleged money laundering.Igo Estrela / Metropolis

Jair Renan, Bolsonaro's number 4 son. He has black hair and beard - Metropolis*****Photo-jair-renan

At the time of the company’s inauguration, one of Renan’s partners stated that he won an electric car from Neon Motors. According to PF investigations, the car would have been donated so that “doors could be opened” for the company that owned Neon in the government.Igo Estrela / Metropolis

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Jair Renan, Bolsonaro's number 4 son. He has black hair and beard - Metropolis*****Photo-jair-renan

Jair Renan’s company also appeared in the Covid CPI investigations. That’s because the firm was founded with the help of Marconny Faria, appointed by the commission as a lobbyist for Precise Medicamentos in the purchase of the Covaxin vaccine.Reproduction / Instagram

Jair Bolsonaro and Laura Bolsonaro****Photo-bolsonaro-and-daughter-laura

The president’s youngest is Laura, the result of Jair’s marriage to Michelle. In general, it appears little on social networks.reproduction


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